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The heavens await.

"My world, Lyapunov, has always had a... disagreeable relationship with our neighbour, Gran Manillo. Personally, I've never understood why, but politics was one of those things I always disliked and never paid attention to. It's just the way of the world and human nature, I suppose, always looking for things to be aggrieved over.

It is therefore with considerable surprise that I find myself, the daughter of one of Lyapunov's most powerful men, having to work alongside the first princess of Gran Manillo. It's a chance for us to iron over some of the bumps of the past, to maybe mend our worlds' relationships.

But it's also a chance for us to start an interstellar war, if we're not careful. My name's Yana Anisimova, and these next few weeks will be some of the most challenging of my life. But who knows... perhaps they'll also be some of the most enjoyable? We'll see."

Reaching for the Stars is the next five volumes of An Idol Romance, a sci-fi-themed, slice of life lesbian erotic romance series full of positivity and warmth. Each volume is a novella-length (30-50k words apiece and my awesome Patreon supporters get access to them as they're completed.

This series will appeal to fans of slice of life shows, Japanese idol lovers, and anyone in search of low-conflict, feel-good stories where cute lesbian relationships are developed alongside the girls' professional lives as inspirational idols. This is an ensemble cast story and all major characters are between 18-23.

Heat Level: Lesbian erotic romance. Explicit and focusing on fun relationships and naughty situations, but generally comprising no more than one-quarter of each book.

Book 11: No Turning Back
With the tour fast approaching, Isla focuses on training with her new partner, Minami, but a spanner is thrown into the works as she receives a new offer, one that would mean leaving Aida—and her girlfriend Anise—if she accepted. Meanwhile, Princess Keliana has to juggle an exciting new relationship with the dull politics of statehood.

Book 12: Clear & Stormy Skies
Isla's tour with Aphrodite is underway, but her enjoyable experience is dulled a little by the decision she now has to make, and two of her partners on the tour have their own struggle to overcome.

While her girlfriend is away on tour, Anise is brought onto a new project for her brand, Retrolution, and Kelly visits a new world for a model shoot with Yana.

Book 13: Arc in the Sky
With the nights drawing in and Aida's October Lantern Festival on the near horizon, Millie decides that the time is right to put her plans to build a new idol unit into motion. Her plans go awry when a girl from her childhood comes back into her life holding a grudge.

Book 14: The Vampire of the Opera
Lisa and Mira have been planning two separate events on Earth, and have invited several of their idol friends to participate. In this first of a two-part arc, Lisa is putting together a modern take on a classic opera, and invites Aurika, Anise, and Isla to participate. One other girl also makes the decision to go along, causing some problems for those she leaves behind in the process...

Book 15: A Very British Affair
Set largely over the same period as Lisa's events on Earth, Book 15 follows Mira and Sophie—and Sophie's apprentice, the excitable Azusa—as they prepare for a big fashion festival, inviting Rose, Kelly, and Yana to participate.

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