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The Reading and writing Help for Adults book has been designed to help adults read and write, and is suitable for complete beginners. When I was nursing, I was on a ward where one of the patients was unable to read or write, and I tried to find resources that would enable me to help him, or which would enable him to help himself. Unfortunately, everything I found was only suitable for children rather than adults, so I created my own. This book is the result, and 103 words are included to form the bedrock of future reading.

The book itself has two main parts. Firstly, there is a story that commences with one illustrated word per page, but which then continues to use many of the most used words in UK English.

The second part of the book comprises a work-sheet which can be printed out and used to help new readers write some of those words they have learned.

Both parts of the book are meant for complete beginners. The first part is designed so that someone who is a family member or friend can read the words out loud to the student, followed by the student remembering and repeating the various pages until they can complete new pages themselves.

The second part of the book is designed so that students can learn to write on their own by simply repeatedly copying the words they have learned both in block capitals and in script. The book is available in various formats but is most useful in pdf format that can be printed out.

I have not taught for some time, but I do actually hold a very dusty and very old Trinity College TESOL Teaching Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) earned many years ago so any mistakes are mine.

I hope you will find the book useful, and you can let me know by using the contact details listed at the end of the book.

I have included a couple of simple stories which, I hope, will encourage students to keep reading without becoming too bored, and to aid the learning process I have included images to illustrate them. The images have all been supplied by freelance graphic artist Khun Lwin, without whose support the book would have been a lot duller. His contact details can also be found at the end of the book.

The pictures in the first part of the book are designed to help maintain the student's interest. The words themselves are arranged in rows. This allows all rows other than the top one to be covered up, and allows each subsequent row to be uncovered only once the preceding row has been mastered.

Each part of the book starts on a new page in order that the teaching material can be printed off without this introductory section, and at the start of each story the amount printed on each page is limited so as not to overwhelm the student. As the story progresses, and as the number of pre-learned words increases, so the number of words on each page increases. Throughout the stories there are never more than eight new words per page, and the remaining words are repetitions of words already learned.

The second part of the book includes a guide to allow the student to copy every word included in the first part, both individual words and in sentences, in block capitals and in lower case, to improve both reading and writing.

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December 11
Fenechty Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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