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Ready Player One: A Novel - A Comprehensive Summary

Ready Player One is a book written by Ernest Cline and it revolves around a young man named Wade Owen Watts and his adventures. 

Watts, with his alias Parzival is a computer genius and in his attempts at hacking through internet, he enters something that is considered to be the greatest contest in human history ever. 

If you want to read a book about internet hackers, their just fight against a system then this is right book for you. 

Ready Player One is an uncommon type of literature, which nevertheless boasts good pacing, a compelling narrative voice and it is written as a story, which all together combined makes this book an interesting and enjoyable to read. 

The story of the novel is set somewhere in the near future. The world has to face with problems such as an energy crisis and poverty, caused by a financial crisis. It seems that only the OASIS will provide comfort and will offer an escape from the current situation and many people thus physically isolate themselves from one another and from the world itself, by dwelling in an online world.  

Virtual versus real is something that is obviously very often seen in this novel as a leitmotiv and as something that is both a warning and author’s pointing out the current state of the world.    

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