Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia: First Edition Volume 1

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Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia
Non-Fiction: First Edition Volume 1

Alien contact revealed:

> How the universe is constructed to produce experiential worlds

> Human beings are vehicles for souls who have also lived on numerous alien planets

> How human minds are mostly locked to Earth and nearby dimensions

> A system through which human minds can explore any extraterrestrial worlds using out of body consciousness

> Enabling a pioneering investigation team to visit dozens of alien worlds and higher dimensions during a 2 year exploration project you need to know about

Reading this book can induce alien contact:

> Triggering latent memories of your lives on other planets

> Reminding you how more advanced societies operate

> Reconnecting you to lost friends and family members alive on other worlds

> Enabling you to see through the illusion of the current human life you have chosen

> Giving you access to lost skills and abilities your human body needs in the current Earth illusion

Reading this book is an essential part of reawakening your higher abilities


Volume 1: Full Preface
P1 Up-Front Statements
P2 A New Age Of Discovery
P3 Astral Dimensions
P4 Categories of Alien
P5 Time Distortions and Shifts
P6 Interactions With Human Beings
The prefaces contain an explanation of how it was possible to research this encyclopaedia. Fundamentally, the Earth you experience is an engineered illusion you can transcend. Thus it is possible to link into other parts of the greater illusion; i.e. Alien Worlds.

Volume 2: Encyclopaedia Chapter E01 to E05
E01 Grasshoppers 1
E02 Big Eyed Humanoids 1
E03 Icke's Lizards 1
E04 Grey Goblins 1
E05 Small Greys 1
This volume includes details of Grasshoppers 1, from who's world a team of alien researchers sufficiently improved human contact and made this encyclopaedia possible. Also in this volume, is the world of alien reptilians who are often accused on malignly influencing human beings.

Volume 3: Encyclopaedia Chapter E06 to E10
E06 Large Greys 1
E07 Smart Plants 1
E08 Lobsters 1
E09 Future Humans 1
E10 Alternative Humans 2
This volume includes one more of the many species of greys, intelligent alien plants, plus earthly human beings from the future who visit Earth and hence get categorised as aliens.
Volume 4: Encyclopaedia Chapter E11 to E15
E11 Nordics 1
E12 Nordics 2
E13 Dinosaur 1
E14 Engineered Viruses
E15 Ants 1
This volume deals with more of the human-like species who visit Earth, and an example of a real dinosaur world in development.

Volume 5: Encyclopaedia Chapter E16 to E20
E16 Mechanoids 1
E17 Big Jelly 1
E18 T1s
E19 Star Children 1
E20 Xeons 1
This volume explores an extraordinary alien species which is really a universe in its own right, plus insights into aliens who have significantly contributed to, and even engineered, the Earth world you are experiencing.

Volume 6: Appendices A1 to A4
A1 The Ultimate Creator
A2 The Creators
A3 How The Universe Works
A4 The Moon
If you want to know more about who is ultimately responsible for the creation of everything, read this appendix. Similarly, there is a fascinating account of Earth’s moon a few dimensions up, where it is teeming with life.

Volume 7: Appendices A5 to A6
A5 Large Greys Domes
A6 Summary
The Large Greys 1 have gathered together an amazing collection of living alien species in one location, visiting them is a must. Finally, there is a summary of some of the insights this encyclopaedia has delivered.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 25
David McCready
Draft2Digital, LLC

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