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What is Real Christianity? 

Have you ever wondered how the two thousand year-old discipleship school of an obscure Jewish teacher supposedly developed into modern-day Christianity?

Have you ever tried to figure out how a small band of uneducated Galileans morphed into a multi-denominational world religious body?

Have you ever been just the slightest bit confused about the overwhelming differences between the Lord’s single community at its birth and the scads of disjointed non-relational “churches” spread over the planet today?

If so, this book will undoubtedly give you some of the answers you seek as well as greater insight into the nature of the real Church, including the following:

* The real foundation for the Church.

* The real purpose of the Church.

* Real “fellowship” and why every believer is called to function in some form of ministry.

* The real “abundant life” promised by the Lord for every believer.

* The real Word of God.

* The real creative ability the Lord placed within His community.

* Real discipleship.

* A real living relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Real Christianity gives much deserved attention to the first-century community of believers and the great spiritual accomplishments they achieved as a result of their close relationship with the Lord, their obedience to Him, and their love for one another. In order for believers of the present to do the same, the author calls for:

(1) a Church-wide rededication to the sole authority of the Lord Jesus, and

(2) the reestablishment of the Lord’s discarded and largely forgotten mandate of mutual ministerial sharing (“Koinonia” in the Greek, usually translated as “fellowship,” but often improperly applied), in which every believer finds and fulfills his purpose in the Body of Messiah.

And rather than appealing to religious authority, the author eliminates the middleman and goes straight to the source - using reams of Scripture to back up his claims, especially emphasizing the pure teachings and example of the Lord Jesus, the most real person of all time.

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February 14
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RJ Dawson