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"Real Estate Investing: How to Find Private Money Lenders" teaches real estate investors how to find private lenders with money to loan. The book discusses traditional Wall Street options and why someone would seek higher returns. The book goes on to explain what private money is and the desired
qualities of private lenders, how to market to find these lenders, and how to speak to them once you've found them.

Then, you will learn how to present your opportunity to a group of prospects, and finally, how to qualify the prospects to make sure you have a quality private lender able to loan money. This book does not explain hard money loans or hard money lenders.

If you want to be successful in active real estate investing, having private money is almost a requirement. Get this book and get started investing in real estate with private money lenders!

Business & Personal Finance
January 15
William Johnson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

izzi in boston ,

real estate investing

Great first book on investing. I found lots of relevant information on finding private lenders. The book has great detail on how to speak to private lenders and how to put together a presentation. I Wodehouse definitely recommend this book to any one who is looking to get into real estate and wants to tap into private lenders and securing private money for real estate deals.

Loves2Boys ,

Finding Real Estate Investors

Johnson prefaces his book offering "nuggets" for your "journey". I am new to digital books and a brief read like this is a great start to better understand the nuances of private money lending and offering an overview and basic tips. "Finding Private Money Lenders" supports my instinct and provides the confidence I needed to move forward in my own journey.

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