Really Enough: A True Story Of Tyranny, Courage and Comedy Really Enough: A True Story Of Tyranny, Courage and Comedy

Really Enough: A True Story Of Tyranny, Courage and Comedy

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Publisher Description

What was it like to grow up branded as an ‘Enemy of the State’ under the tumultuous rule of Chairman Mao Zedong?...  How could a scholarly mother inspire her daughter’s passion for learning when knowledge from the past was a crime against the State?..  What does it take to keep your dream alive when you’re an innocent outcast in your own society?... How does a starving rural peasant girl from China find the power of comedy in a powerless world?... Can forbidden love for a ‘foreign devil’ survive the journey across oceans, classes, and cultures?

This story of a young woman’s struggle for freedom in a remote corner of the world will make you get up and change your life. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be shocked, you will be inspired. By the time you finish reading Really Enough, you will be a different person — more grateful, more courageous, more compassionate and more empowered to ride the undulating back of your own snow-white dragon.

June 8
Margaret Zhao & Kathleen Martens
Kathleen L. Martens

Customer Reviews

Jtsflava ,

Inspired me to go for my doctoral

I usually read tech books, but when I picked up Really Enough I couldn't put the book down. The book really just drew me into it and I have to say that it was to the point where I had to put a "time" to much I should read. Without giving much of the book away I have to say one thing. After reading this book, I was inspired to go out and do the things that I was afraid to do. This added a to a flame that was about to die and because of that I am out to pursue my doctoral.

It is a truly inspirational and I would tell everyone that after your done reading this book you will truly be able to go out and do that one thing you were always afraid to do.

AppGeek38 ,

Some books change your life-This one changed mine

Some books change your life. This one changed mine. The themes in this memoir carry over from Really Enough's life to my own despite our different circumstances. Themes ranging from mother daughter stories. Feeling alien in modern life. Crossing boarders. Breaking expectations. Aspiring for education. Dreaming large. Questioning limitations. But none of those words will explain just how this book will uniquely touch you. I know many who have read it, and its impact seems to be unique for each person.

This book inspired me not to be trapped by circumstance, but to have the courage to dream large and make change. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I pushed everything else out of the way and read the the book straight through. Through laughter and tears I followed this story….not fiction, but a real life narrative in our modern world. If she could do it - I could too….and from reading this book a series of changes in my life were born.

If you feel at all stuck, discouraged or down, I encourage you to read Really Enough. It provides perspective and inspiration. So many of these reviews mention tears, but more of these tears come from laughter and relief than from sorrow. And so is the beauty of really enough. It changes the way you see the world.

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