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<p>Realm of Domination is the first short story collection from erotica author Parker Heimann. Featuring eleven tantalizing paranormal and fantasy short stories, readers are treated to a variety of scenarios and pairings, including eight M/F stories, one lesbian tale, and one story featuring multiple partners. With rich imagination and details, Parker Heimann visits the worlds of superheros, ancient gods, alien captivity, mermaids and other worldly creatures. Realm of Domination will take you all over our realm and others, all in the search of a sex-filled adventure!

Holders Of The Deep
Pamela has always known she is a survivor; after all, she has managed to survive her captivity on a pirate ship. She has suffered and prevailed through the many men. Now it seems she has survived the hardest thing of all, a shipwreck. She has somehow managed to survive but how can that be? Why is she underwater and who are these lovely, passionate female creatures who surround her?

Abyss Of The Demons 1
Strange ink-like deities trap and imprison Earth women in cells and transform them into beings like themselves. They refer to themselves as demons, but there seems to be more to this sinister force and their want to convert more Earth women to their ways and conquer more and more. Once they are captured, they are subjected to exquisite pleasure and pain as they slowly become one with the creatures.

Abyss Of The Demons 2
When Christopher's father dies and leaves him in charge of the circus, He doesn't think much about the stones his father has left. But when the stones demand to have women, Christopher's life starts to take a turn for the worse.

Vineyards And Gardens
A story of Dionysus, the god of wine and sex, still rules in a small valley near a mountain village. Even though he still has followers, he no longer enjoys the power he once had. Even though he is surrounded by nymphs and satyrs and he has access to all of the wine and sex he could want, he still wants a challenge.

Dream Stalkers
Greg has insomnia. After three days of this he is finally able to drift off. As he is falling asleep, he is visited by a succubus who climbs on top of him and begins to immediately seduce him.

When Harold visits a bar downtown looking for his brother, he ends up with more that he bargained for. Lilith offers Harold a night not to forget.

Toy, that's her name. That's all she will ever offer to anyone she decides to play with her. Before long, everyone questions the truth &ndash; who is the real toy? Is it her or the one she chooses to play with?

F**k World Domination
Some super villains want to rule the world, enslave the world, or even destroy the world. Not The Creep, aka The Creepster. What could ever bring more zest into his life? Maybe if more villains spent less time fighting superheroines, they could spend more time f*****g them, and the world would be a better place.

Pussy Hackers
They want to rule your mind! Your soul! Set in the near future, the pussy hackers are an extremely skilled force of computer agents working on a global conspiracy to seduce the hottest chicks.

Super Sluts
Some crime fighting super heroines protect their cities, day and night. They seem like such the perfect role models for their line of work until some super villains from their past come forward with tapes and photographs.

Realm Of The Dark Lady
Deep in the forest, there is a road that few choose to tread. The road only appears at night, covered with fog and accompanied with the howling noises of wolves. One man is brave enough to travel the strange road.


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April 21

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