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When the plague came, federal agent Ellie Colson fled into the Adirondacks with Dee, the daughter she barely knew. They began a new life as subsistence farmers, isolated from the fall of the world. In the six years since, a small community has arisen from the ashes. Dee is grown up. She's engaged to Quinn, a young man from across the lake.

And she's being hunted.

Strangers are spying on the farms at night. Dee's harassed by a spurned suitor. One of Quinn's dogs turns up dead. Drawing on her old skills, Ellie launches an investigation of the locals. Turns out Quinn's dad has made some bad decisions. Some enemies, too. The strangers aren't after Dee--they're after Quinn.

When he goes missing, Quinn's dad fears the worst. But Ellie has a lead. She and Dee track the kidnappers into the post-apocalyptic wilderness of New York--and into darker lands than Ellie could ever imagine.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 5
Edward W. Robertson
Edward Robertson

Customer Reviews

clueless366 ,

Reapers (a Breakers book)

I do so thoroughly enjoy great SF and this is some of my favorite. Highly recommend!

BobMano ,

And now, something completely different….

I quickly consumed and enjoyed the first 3 books in the Breakers series. I decided to read on, and purchased books 4 - 6 as a set. I just finished book 4, Reapers. The good news: The book was as engaging as the first 3 books, and I read it quickly. Reapers was structured like books 1 - 3 in that there were 2 suspenseful story lines, which alternated chapter-by-chapter. And, as usual, each chapter had a cliff-hanger ending, which kept me reading. The bad news: This book does absolutely nothing to advance the story-line of books 1 - 3. This bait-and-switch ploy really put me off, as it has many other reviewers (wish I had read the reviews before buying books 4 - 6). I expected a continuation of books 1 - 3, and got nothing of the sort. I got sucked in by the earlier books, only to find in Reapers nothing for which I paid. I cannot imagine the thought process of the author, his agent, or the publishers which resulted in plugging this unrelated book into the middle of an otherwise good series. Doing so put me off to the point I may stop reading what Mr. Robertson writes. To be fair, the aliens are mentioned in a paragraph or two deep into the book, but their insertion into the plot is contrived and weak. It is as though Mr. Robertson composed this book as a stand-alone, but figured to get some mileage out of his work by tacking it on to Breakers. Not sure what books 5 and 6 hold, but, since I paid for them, I will at least start 5 to see of Mr. Robertson can again find the target and redeem himself.

Diego_2023 ,

Great urban book & adventure in the big apple!

What a great turn of events in this title! I loved that this one took place on the east coast! Tying the east & west back together!

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