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Powerful, practical, basic e-Textbook trains high school, college, and university students in the art and science of Critical Thinking and Writing. In three parts, with twelve embedded lecture videos, REASON ARGUE REFUTE teaches the ideas, principles, and methods of traditional deductive logic and inductive reasoning that guarantee valid and sound argumentation and refutation. Ideal for adult learners in business or personal enrichment studies. Previous printed editions used by thousands of critical thinking students globally. Professor Mark McIntire has over fifteen years experience in online teaching in critical thinking and writing at Santa Barbara City College.

May 27
University Village Press
Mark McIntire

Customer Reviews

Mike Griffin52 ,

Reason Argue Refute

Dealing with arguments, claims, or ideas will never be the same after reading Reason Argue Refute by Professor Mark McIntire. You will be armed with a large toolbox providing powerful guidance in dissecting and creating ideas. Whether reading as a quick fly bye, or performing a heavy lift; this book will alter the way you look at ideas and show you how to organize yourself to think clearly.

The first of many ,

Boot-Camp For Your Mind

With 12 mini-lecture videos embedded in a powerful text, Professor Mark McIntire pioneers how e-Textbooks must be now and in the future. In three concise parts, Reason Argue Refute trains the mind in HOW to think in any academic discipline. I used it in a summer session Critical Thinking class yielding a solid A grade. After cleansing the mind of common fallacies of reasoning, McIntire updates Aristotelian Syllogistic argumentation technology applicable to any line of thinking. In the Refutation part the book trains the mind to question its own assumptions and argue opposing views. This Fall I'm off to Law school and this book helped me get there when I took the LSAT and scored in the 93% category. This is a keeper…for life.
-- I. G. Georgetown Law School

Trudyjoy ,

Thank You

I appreciate the clarity of distinctions made possible in the book.