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Tired of reporting the news but never investigating, Jane Hartley is determined to expose the truth of the Carlisle dragon hunters. While meeting with one of her sources, she spots the tall, blond dragonman she first saw three months ago back on Stonefire. When the dragonman warns her off, Jane becomes more determined than ever to find the truth before he does. 

With most of the threats to his clan under control, Kai Sutherland wants to find a way to take down the Carlisle hunters for good. In the beginning of his investigation, he sees the human female his dragon wants. Putting aside his own needs, he tries to scare her away to focus on the hunters, but the female refuses to go. 

As they work together to discover the hunters’ secrets, the attraction between them threatens the investigation. Kai never expected to find his second chance, yet as the danger amps up, can he find a way to have her while still protecting his clan?  

Note: This was previously called, “Reawakening the Dragon: Boxed Set (Parts #1-4).” However, it is exactly the same story.

September 17
Mythical Lake Press, LLC
Mythical Lake Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Dee Amanda ,

Kai and the Reporter Janey

This was awesome
Dragon who had a second chance in life. Every book I read get better and exciting!!

winterlady ,

I've enjoyed the whole series

I like the world that Jessie Donovan has created. Like able characters, good conflict and well written voices. So far I've really enjoyed the series.

I have one critique for this author on this particular story, check the usage of the word "whilst". It's a bit of an archaic usage, BUT, in this story, it looks like someone did a Find/Replace for the word "while". It's actually a distraction from the story.

Dskscs ,

Love dragons

I love the sassiness of this story. Kai seems like he has been through so much and always so serious. It is great to watch someone give him a hard time and loosen him up. Jane is the right combination of sass and strong to be the perfect math for Kai.
I have completely enjoyed this series. They have been great stories and I can't wait for the next one.

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