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A brash mercenary with his own brand of justice. The lonely woman his family almost destroyed.

Locke Montgomery has only one purpose — atone for a sin that has tortured him for nearly a decade.

With the hard-earned billions from the sale of his tech company, Locke created a new identity that’s perfect cover for the mercenary organization that doles out justice to those who have managed to avoid it. He spends his off time planning new and reckless ways to test the boundaries while dreaming about the one woman who stole his heart.

The one woman who will never give him a second chance.

Elle Matheson has finally rebuilt the bookstore run by her parents before the mega-corporation that put them out of business drove her dad to a heart attack.

Working in the little beachside shop surrounded by the smell of ink and paper, she can almost forget the pain of finding out the company that ruined her life was owned by the family of the man she loved. But when another big box store threatens to expand across the street, Elle’s nightmare seems to be playing out all over again. She’s in the store begging for a meeting with the CEO when she runs into the one man that could make the situation worse — the one responsible for the demise of her parent’s dream.

Promising herself she’ll only give him five minutes in a coffee shop, she doesn't want to acknowledge the fire barreling through her veins, but before she knows it Locke is showing up at the store, sending her flowers, pulling her into his high-stakes, adventurous life.

And she’s falling every bit as hard as she did the first time.

But when she uncovers the terrible truth about Locke’s line of work she’s forced to admit there are only two possibilities; either Locke has never been anything but wrong for her, or some rules are meant to be broken — in life and in love.

*** REBEL LOVE is a full length standalone in the Kings of Corruption series ***

May 5
Blackthorn Press
Michelle Zink

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Second Chances

I'm a sucker for second chance romances and Rebel Love was just perfection. Locke Montgomery's one mission is to make those who wrong the innocent pay. He has set up mercenary organization with the riches that he has successfully created to bring down the corrupted and give back to those they have taken from. Years ago his parents hurt the family of the woman he loved, and although he did not physically do it, knowing it was happening was enough of him to lose the love of his life.
Elle Matheson once had it all, but when her parent's book store was taken from right under their noses, it was too much for her family. Not long after Elle's father died and the pain from his loss and the betrayal of losing the store tore Elle away from the man she loved. Years later, and fate brings Elle and Locke together. They both can't deny that they still love each other and the chemistry they had is still there simmering within them. However they aren't sure that they can rekindle what they once had. As they say, "time heals all wounds", Elle and Locke try to put the past in the past and moved forward together. Will Locke tell Elle what he has been up to the last several years? Can Elle except the new Locke and his business? Will Locke and Elle find love a second time around?
Michelle St. James brought us a beautiful story of two lost souls that find one another. The chemistry between Locke and Elle is scorching HOT! There relationship has innocence and sweetness and has you wishing that they can find their HEA.

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