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A rebel alien roaming the far reaches of the galaxy. An Interstellar Bride on the run for her life. When her life crash lands into his on a remote planet, they'll need each other to survive.

The Interstellar Brides Program guarantees it can match any female on Earth, even a cynical, street-wise, and very jaded Zara, who just wants to start over. But when she arrives on her new home planet... she gets more than promised:


Murder? Check.

Smugglers? Check.

A sexy as hell pirate who demands she follow his orders? Um, what?

Zara didn't volunteer for this mess, but she's a fighter. A survivor. She'll work with a sexy—did I say bossy?—rebel to bring down the bad guys and take on a Rogue 5 legion in order to obtain what she wants, a white picket fence kind of life in outer space... if she can live long enough to get it.

October 6
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Customer Reviews

monda1001 ,

Earth girls stick together

Zara was from earth. She is a Trion citizen running for life when a Head Councilman Kills her mate as soon as she arrives once Trion. What? What!!! Man Goodwin took this to another lever of intergalactic brides. No prelude of what kind of mate she would like. She arrives in ready to meet her mate and mourn his death in the same breath. After another Trion male finds her in part of the galaxy that she should not be in, his choice to save those supposed submissive woman has taken the book on a crazy ride. Great characters Love the defiance and determination. Making this Trion work for her trust is amazing. Fantastic earth girls to boot.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

LisanneH ,

Still loving this series

20 Books in and I’m still loving this series.

Zara is mated through the interstellar brides program and her new mate is immediately murdered and she’s about to be sold off.

Enter Isaak who can’t leave her to her fate. That and when he sees her, he recognizes his mate in Zara.

Action packed, drama and heaps of steam.
This book gives us two rebels to adore.

Bourbon, Books, and Brenda ,

Space Pirate meets Interstellar Bride

Space Pirate meets Interstellar Bride candidate, in this suspenseful tale of murder, lies, spies, and of course a hot dominant alien. Zara has been sent to Trion to meet her mate. She has had a rough life, she was poor, lived on the streets and fight for everything she had. She’s a scrappy one that Zara. Isaak has been a Space Pirate for 4 years, since he left Trion for good. He had a falling out with his family and has been fighting the hive and dealing with scourge of the galaxy. That is until he hears rumors that there is a human female about to be turned over to the EVIL Cerberos. Ooohhh I hope Cerberos get’s what is coming to him!

This book took me through twists and turns, it took me through some incredibly steamy times too! Whew, Isaak is one heck of dominant alien who expects all women to be submissive...lololololol, how do think things will go when he meets a woman who is a fighter? Yep, this is going to be good! I enjoyed the story, though there was just a tad to much (he won’t want me after, she won’t give into me and trust) for my personal taste, but I also get where the characters would feel that way based on their life experiences.

I think my favorite part of the book was the ending, when everything came together, and it all just clicked. Isaak and his past, Zara and her desires, the spies and lies, and the storyline....it was a fabulous ending! If you like you like hot alien pirates.... you will love Isaak. If you like a strong, independent woman that can stand on her own two feet...even if a big ole alien is picking her up...you will love Zara. If you like a good revenge story...you will like this book! I don’t think I will ever tire of the Interstellar Brides and look forward to the next book!

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