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Bryce Henley grew up in a small town in Texas. He found the love of his life in high school and was ready to start a family with her by the time he was eighteen. His future was laid out in front of him until a tragic accident stole it from him. Six years later, he remains in the small town. He has spent this time living with the guilt of what he's done and convincing himself he doesn't deserve happiness. He fills his free time with random women, but can't get the memory of her from his heart.
While tending bar, he finds himself faced with something he never imagined he'd face. When the fiery haired Phoenix auditions her band, he finds himself feeling emotions he hasn't felt in years. Her sweet face, stunning green eyes, and long red curls captivate him instantly. As much as he attempts to stay away from her, he can't. With her band now playing at the bar several nights a week, he can't escape her. Not that he tries very hard.
Phoenix discovers that Henley writes music, plays guitar, and sings. And, he does it well. After some convincing, he plays for the rest of the band. In no time, he's taken in as the fifth member. He can't believe his luck. Not only is he starting to allow himself to care for someone, but he's in a band. After his tragic past, he'd never allowed himself to think he'd have more than his little cabin in the woods and his job at the bar. Phoenix does for him exactly what her name stands for. Her presence in his life allows him to rise from the ashes of his past and be reborn.

July 28
Rein Scott
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