Reclaim Your Superpowers

Reclaiming Your Superpower of CHOICE to Live Your Best Life

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"An exquisite exploration…" Dr. Shawne Duperon, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

“A life-changing journey…" Crystal Andrus Morissette, S.W.A.T. Institute

"A must-read…" Angela Polidoro, former Editor for Random House’s Ballantine Bantam Dell

International Bestselling Author Ava Miles shows readers how to overhaul the false power ruining their lives and reclaim their true power—their superpower—to live their best life, perfect for fans of Brene Brown.

"Here are all the tools you need to save your own world—cape, supersuit, and a new bad-ass attitude implied." 

—Kathia Zolfaghari, International Bestseller and Kung Fu Master

Do you remember the last time you believed you could do anything? When you were your own superhero—strong and capable and in charge of your life? Many of us were plugged into our true power in childhood, but it was disconnected as we grew up and graduated as adults in our communities, the work force, and our relationships.

Now current events have kicked us in the gut and plunged us into new depths of powerlessness. Never before have we needed to relearn and reclaim our true power.

Ava worked with top leaders in the world’s greatest power centers, formulating plans to rebuild war zones and implementing them on the ground. Through her work, she learned true power creates a better life; false power destroys it. Her ring-side seat to zero-sum power led her to search for a new kind: true, instinctive personal power. 

In Reclaim Your Superpowers, Ava guides us through the steps she took to reclaim her own life, going from a rat-race professional to an international bestselling author living her dream life from zero-to-sixty.

This cutting-edge guide gives you a practical blueprint on:
The ins and outs of real personal power
Diving into your fears and misuses around power
How to assess where you’re using false power and getting nowhere
Spotlight Tools to identify the origin stories holding you back
Take Back Tools to reconnect you to your true power

Super Tools to tease out your winning traits to plan and manifest what you really want
It's time to take back your power—your superpowers. 

It's time to start living your best life.

Reclaim Your Superpowers is part of The Lost Guides to Living Your Best Life series, a complete system to help us reclaim the nine superpowers essential to rocking life.  

* * * 

Ava Miles is the international bestselling author of powerful books about love, happiness, and transformation. As a former conflict expert, Ava rebuilt warzones in places like Lebanon, Colombia, and the Congo to foster peaceful and prosperous communities. While rewarding, Ava recognized she could affect more positive change in the world by addressing the real roots of conflict and unhappiness. In becoming an author, she realized her best life: healing the world through books. Her novels have received praise and accolades from USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and Women’s World Magazine in addition to being chosen as Best Books of the Year and Top Editor’s picks. However, Ava’s strongest praise comes directly from her readers, who call her books life changing. The Lost Guides to Living Your Best Life represent the culmination of her work as a conflict expert, life coach, and wellness expert.

Health, Mind & Body
August 17
Ava Miles Inc.
Ava Miles Inc.

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