Reconsidering Riley

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"Lisa Plumley creates charming characters. Her books are a delight!" —USA Today best-selling author Rachel Gibson

Girly Girl...

Jayne Murphy is a woman on top. From trendy haircut to perfect pedicure, she's a vision of city-smart style, wrapped around the brains and intuition that made her very first book a bestseller. The truth is, Jayne's relationship manual, Heartbreak 101, was inspired by her all-too-personal experience with gorgeous, capable...outdoorsy...photojournalist Riley Davis, who stole her heart—and promptly skipped town with it. Now, by way of researching her next project, Jayne's organized a workshop for dump-ees. But it becomes apparent that the "retreat" she's planned could be hell on her high heels—and her heart—when the leader for her group's week-long nature jaunt turns out to be none other than a certain...

...Goodbye Guy

Riley has no idea he planted the seeks for Heartbreak 101, much less that Jayne's the guru whose devotees he'll be leading through the wilderness. He does know that helping his grandparents run their rustic Arizona lodge is only a temporary respite from the wanderlust that led him away from her, back into a life of nonstop adventure—and loneliness. Jayne's version of "roughing it" reminds Riley all over again how different they are...and how much he's missed her. The challenge now isn't just getting everyone out of the woods in one piece, but making sure that Jayne's next book has a happily-ever-after ending...

"...cute premise and likable protagonists... Plumley (Falling For April) has a knack for crafting hip, realistic dialogue and screwball characters." —Publisher's Weekly

"Reconsidering Riley is another wonderfully witty, well-written, winsomely romantic story by Lisa Plumley. If you haven't read Plumley's other books, you owe it to yourself to do so!" —The State newspaper

"Plumley's clever premise, witty dialogue, and unforgettable cast of quirky characters make for rapid-fire humor from cover to cover. Readers who love the zany comedy of Sue Civil-Brown's Next Stop, Paradise or Sherryl Woods' Ask Anyone will devour this book. If laughter's the best medicine, Reconsidering Riley could cure an epidemic!" —Booklist (starred review)

"Reconsidering Riley is bound to be a hit with romance fans! This deliciously wicked romance evoked some laughs, a few sighs, and plenty of grins along the way." —The Romance Reader's Connection

"A very romantic, comedy-filled, slick and savvy novel from one of my favorite romance authors! Too good! Want some (more!) fun in your life? Pick up Reconsidering Riley." —The Road to Romance

"Comical...with a bit of philosophy thrown in!" —Old Book Barn Gazette

"A breezy, enjoyable romp that showcases two very charming main characters as well as a secondary cast that's equally delightful. Ms. Plumley has a real knack for smart, witty dialogue and situations, not to mention a sure hand when it comes to setting up sizzling sexual tension between Jayne and Riley. Reconsidering Riley is definitely a top choice for romance lovers who enjoy lighter contemporary fare." —BookLoons

"Four stars! Reconsidering Riley is as fun and effervescent as its bubbly heroine —an entertaining romp peopled with lovable characters. The hijinks of Jayne and the heartbreak groupies will tickle your funny bone, while Riley's rugged charm makes him the perfect hero with which to get lost in the woods!" —Romantic Times

"Reconsidering Riley is a hoot! Lisa Plumley has a great gift for narrative and dialogue, and has also done an outstanding job with characterization. This is one very clever, vastly entertaining book." —Reader to Reader/New and Previously Owned Books

"Plumley writes her stories with such humor that you can't help but like the characters." —The Pilot newspaper

"This wonderful little romance...will charm your hiking boots off and leave you laughing. Do try this one. It's a keeper." —A Romance Review

November 1
Lisa Plumley
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