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So many photographers, HCB is one, keep telling us life can be beautiful, But for DAIDO, life can be, and is, pretty s****y.... and photography, as well. Now, after rubbing our noses in that for years and years, he has just put together a show in Paris-the first show of his that I’ve seen-and it’s like in the movie, when the man says to the girl, ‘hey take off your glasses’.... and she does. ‘But, but...you’re beautiful!’...and she is. And today we see Daido’s tragic, despairing, no way out, end of the world photos for what they always were, f*****g beautiful, like he is himself. So...more power to him!" William Klein sent this comment for a photo book that I made in London several years ago.
Klein is still operating like a photo sniper in the streets of Paris today, where he keeps catching people’s “mental scars” in sneak shots made with a wide-angle lens.
The photographic territory that I am occupying myself really isn’t anything great, but nonetheless I will continue to photograph Tokyo’s messy neighborhoods.
Our daily routine is locked in a dead end between déja vu and jamais vu - reason enough for me to go out there and capture it.

Daidō Moriyama (Moriyama Daidō, born October 10, 1938) is a Japanese photographer noted for his images depicting the breakdown of traditional values in post-war Japan.
Born in Ikeda, Osaka, Daidō Moriyama studied photography under Takeji Iwamiya before moving to Tokyo in 1961 to work as an assistant to Eikoh Hosoe. He produced a collection of photographs, on "Nippon gekijō shashinchō" Though not exclusively, Moriyama predominantly takes high contrast, grainy, black and white photographs within the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, often shot from odd angles. Moriyama's photography has been influenced by Seiryū Inoue, Shōmei Tōmatsu, William Klein, Andy Warhol, Eikoh Hosoe, the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima, the dramatist Shūji Terayama, and Jack Kerouac's "On the Road".

Plexus Co.,Ltd.(Tokyo, Japan) proudly presents Daido Moriyama's lifework series "RECORD" in e-Book for the first time distributing in worldwide scale.

「ぼくらの日常とは、既視感と未視感がスパークする、ぬきさしならない場所なのだ。折角だから、記録しておかなくっちゃあね」(著者コメントより)。日本、ヨーロッパ、南米などの街頭で撮影され、2008年10月に刊行された森山大道の私家版写真誌「記録 第10号」を電子書籍化。
森山大道(もりやま だいどう)/写真家。ハイコントラストで粒子の粗い“アレ・ブレ・ボケ”と称される独自のスタイルを確立し、世界的にも高い評価を得る。

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