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Last November I went to New York for the first time in two years. That was for an event in the rather big gallery space complete with library and café of the Aperture photo publisher in Manhattan's Chelsea gallery district. In the "TKY" titled show, I made photobooks containing about 100 of my prints, and handed them directly to the numerous visitors who had come to receive their reserved copies. The venue was packed with lots of New Yorkers, among them my friends Gerard Malanga and Larry Clark.
After doing this for two busy yet very pleasant days, I took some time off for a trip to Coney Island, where I enjoyed an enormously colorful, American-flavored afternoon. However the real thrill came later in the evening, when I took a dive into the Times Square's billboard jungle. The adrenalin rush the experience of bathing in the sparkling beams of light gave me made this the sexiest moment of my stay in New York.
I’ll be back in New York this coming May, and you will surely see me heading straight for the entrancing lights like an insect once again.

Daidō Moriyama (Moriyama Daidō, born October 10, 1938) is a Japanese photographer noted for his images depicting the breakdown of traditional values in post-war Japan.
Born in Ikeda, Osaka, Daidō Moriyama studied photography under Takeji Iwamiya before moving to Tokyo in 1961 to work as an assistant to Eikoh Hosoe. He produced a collection of photographs, on "Nippon gekijō shashinchō" Though not exclusively, Moriyama predominantly takes high contrast, grainy, black and white photographs within the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, often shot from odd angles. Moriyama's photography has been influenced by Seiryū Inoue, Shōmei Tōmatsu, William Klein, Andy Warhol, Eikoh Hosoe, the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima, the dramatist Shūji Terayama, and Jack Kerouac's "On the Road".

Plexus Co.,Ltd.(Tokyo, Japan) proudly presents Daido Moriyama's lifework series "RECORD" in e-Book for the first time distributing in worldwide scale.

「なんと言ってもニューヨークでのぼくの一番のときめきは、巨大なビルボードのジャングルとでもいうべきか、夕刻のタイムズ・スクエアの、めくるめく光芒のド真ん中に身を包まれた一瞬であり、アドレナリンを感覚する、もっともセクシーな時間である」(著者コメントより)。2012年4月に刊行された森山大道の私家版写真誌「記録 第21号」を電子書籍化。2011年秋に訪れたニューヨークでのデジタルカラー作品集。
森山大道(もりやま だいどう)/写真家。ハイコントラストで粒子の粗い“アレ・ブレ・ボケ”と称される独自のスタイルを確立し、世界的にも高い評価を得る。

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