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In 2043, Olivia Ermine’s legacy is vengeance. Will she take up the burden of the galaxy? When they come for her, heads will roll. In Redwood, rogue-AIs scheme and ancient ones plot the end of worlds, and some way off a llama orgles in the long night. A darkly comedic, genre-bending trip through solarpunk sci-fi and science fantasy continues.

      Out of the dust and death of The Great Warming, after The Great Balkanization ended the rule of the Great Autarch, a West Coast solar empire rises: The Cascadian Federation. VanDirks, a planetary fast-food mega-corporation spawned in the 1600s, aims to conquer the world, starting with Olivia. She must contend with its creature, a 352-year-old woolen murder machine in the form of a dandified, piratical sock monkey—it's already tried to kill her thrice.

      Now, Olivia finally has some answers. She’s discovered Red Bush’s diaries from the 1690s, aka her formidable abolitionist Sephardi pirate queen ancestor. But, the diaries raise more dire questions about Olivia’s incandescently dark birthright and the impossible tasks set before her and her friends in 2043. The VanDirks Corp. thinks it’s playing the long game. Yet, vastly older, more powerful players may be moving pieces on an otherworldly board. Olivia knows she’s getting close to uncovering the truth, which in Redwood is an ever-shifting target.

      One fang points to heaven and the other to hell, either way, there’s a neck-ruff with Olivia’s name on it, for the show must go on before the Lords Arboreal return to Cascadia to settle a bloody old score.

Red Bush is book two of The Redwood Revenger trilogy. Red Root (Book Three) will be out later in 2019.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 25
Otztal Doggerland Groupe
Johannes Johns

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