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Cara Pinkston, a 21 year old San Diego native, wants nothing more than to complete her final semester of college quietly and peacefully. A normally focused and reserved student, she becomes flustered after meeting her incredibly good-looking and wealthy classmate, Jason Bradley.
Jason wants Cara, and pursues her aggressively. A reluctant Cara gives in to him and is thrust into a fast paced, emotionally charged, roller coaster relationship. She has to decide if the flutters she feels are blissful butterflies or warning signs. Will Cara follow her lustful heart, or will she pay attention to the Red Flags?

December 2
C.C. Brown
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

MrsThig365 ,


After reading this book for the second time I loved it even more!

SNARE2005 ,

Amazing book

Words cannot express what I feel for this book!!! Cara can definitely hold her own when it comes to Jason. Speaking of Jason... He provides you with a whirlwind of emotion. One minute you love him, the next you hate him. I can not believe how empty I feel with how the book ended. Hoping for a second to be written. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to read a love story that has you on the edge of your seat the ENTIRE time.

Nix in ,


I've read a lot of books this year with a lot of alpha males and let me tell you Jason Bradley could give Gideon Cross and Christian Grey run for their money. Red Flags takes you on rollercoaster ride of emotions you have two very strong leading characters in Jason and Cara. I love that Cara can go head to head with Jason, that she refuses to give up until she gets what she wants from him. Jason is quite possibly the most maddening man you will ever read, sometimes you wanna slap, curse him out or beat the crap out of him but in the end you find yourself defending him wanting everything to work out. This book should cost more than .99 cents it is definitely worth it. Read This Book you will love it. Can't wait for the sequel.

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