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The Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter, columnist, and bestselling author of In Fed We Trust, dissects the federal budget in this New York Times bestseller.

In a sweeping narrative about the people and the politics behind the budget--a topic that is fiercely debated today in the halls of Congress and the media, and yet is often misunderstood by the American public--Wessel looks at the 2011 fiscal year (which ended September 30) to see where all the money was actually spent, and why the budget process has grown wildly out of control. Through the eyes of key people, including Jacob Lew, White House director of the Office of Management and Budget; Douglas Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office; Blackstone founder and former Commerce Secretary Pete Peterson; and more, Wessel gives readers an inside look at the making of our unsustainable budget.

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July 31
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Customer Reviews

Zinguy ,

Red Ink

This book is fascinating if somewhat disquieting. Easy to read and understand. If you ever wondered how the U.S. Budget comes together or why it sometimes doesn't. This is your book.

DFKenney ,


The book is elementary for people with even a basic knowledge of government economics.

NateDogg213 ,

Great book to expand your knowledge of what drives the debt

This is a great book, high praise for what is thought of as a generally non-sexy topic: the budget. The author presents it Ina fact oriented way that gives both sides' arguments, and doesn't have a political agenda.

I'd give the book a 5/5 but Apple screwed up some stuff. The footnotes are not viewable in the text, only a compilation at the end, and one page was a duplicate so I missed some information. Please fix Apple. However don't let this discourage you from reading this informative book!!

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