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In the aftermath of a series of student riots in Seoul, the U.S. Congress rushes a bill into law calling for the complete withdrawal of American troops from South Korea. This sets off a chain reaction: North Korea attacks across the DMZ, Russia supports North Korea, the Chinese remain neutral, and the United States fights again alongside its South Korean allies. The full range of ground, air, and naval forces take part in vicious combat, first to hold off the North Korean onslaught, then drive them back.

“A direct hit! The techno-thriller has a new ace, and his name is Larry Bond.”

-Tom Clancy

“Displays a Knowledge of modern weaponry and war that can only be described as state-of-the-art.”

-Stephen Coonts, best-selling author of Final Flight

“Fast, furious, and powerfully realistic. A stunning scenario of modern war.”

-W.E.B Griffin, bestselling author of Brotherhood of War

"Red Phoenix is a shocking new chapter of a tragic disaster that might very well stun the world by becoming a reality. Larry Bond has proven himself a master of master of military adventure.”

-Clive Cussler, bestselling author of Treasure

"Exciting, realistic, hard-hitting! I predict great things for Red Phoenix.”

-Dale Brown, bestselling author of Flight of the Old Dog

“A superb storyteller. Bond seems to know everything about warfare.”

- New York Times Book Review

“Harrowingly real and persuasive.”

- New York Newsday

"Gripping … masterfully accurate … Mr. Bond is in complete command.”

- Baltimore Sun

“Bond clearly knows what he’s doing. Submarine warfare, dogfights in the air, and combat in the trenches are handled with authority and accuracy.”

- San Francisco Chronicle

“He sets a new standard for the techno-thriller.”

- Orlando Sentinel

“Highly readable … the drama is compelling … the characters are believeable.”

- San Diego Tribune

“The action is intense … You’ll enjoy Red Phoenix.”

- United Press International

Fiction & Literature
July 15
Larry Bond and Patrick Larkin
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Customer Reviews

Dogma52 ,

Tom Clancy Wanna Be

Not worth the time or investment.

Plano skywatcher ,

Red Phoenix

A page turner with terrific research to back it up. Exciting from front to back!

Jim0524 ,


From start to finish, this book was almost impossible to put down. The dialogue, the mixture of plots, the characters, and the action are almost unparalleled in military fiction. This is my first ever 5 star rating; that’s how good I found the book to be.

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