Redeem Me Redeem Me
Book 2 - Lost Souls

Redeem Me

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Charlotte O'Brien desperately needs redemption. Torn apart by her parents' tragic deaths, Charlotte has no one to turn to after she alienates herself from everyone and everything. Fate sends her a lifeline when she runs into a childhood friend. Now all she sees is Noble Sinclair-tall, gorgeous, with a body made for sinning. But Charlotte knows better than anyone how quickly the things you hold dear can be taken away-and though loving Noble feels like it could be her salvation, Charlotte knows it could also destroy her.

Noble Sinclair has always loved Charlotte. Now seeing how far she has fallen, Noble vows to be the man who can make her happy and bring her out of the darkness that has haunted her for far too long. But to save Charlotte, he must make her learn to forgive everyone who has forsaken her . . . starting with herself.

February 3
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Colombianogirl23 ,


I could literally feel the emotions from the characters in this book jumping off the page. Beautifully written!!

Carmen0121 ,


What a turn of events never did I think this would happen in the story this series is beyond great!

Firehawk37 ,

Addicting Love Triangle

Redeem Me is the second installment The Lost Souls Series by Eliza Freed and it does not disappoint! It is just as emotional and gripping as Forgive Me. Heartbroken over Jason, we find Charlotte at rock bottom, unable to forgive and forget as she desperately tries to move forward and create a life for herself that was not part of the plan. With the help of her closest friends, her worried brother and the unconditional love and devotion of Noble Sinclair, Charlotte gradually pulls herself up and tries to repress her love and anger for Jason deep down inside as she realizes that Noble offers a different kind of love – one that is safe, joyful and simple. But is it enough?

Noble brings out the best in Charlotte and while she wants to love him, Jason is hard to shake. She struggles with moving past Jason and not wanting to hurt Noble. Ms. Freed makes it hard not to love Noble, and while he is easy to root for, my heart also breaks for Jason and the love that was lost. The love between Jason and Annie was intense and different and rare. Noble is amazing in his own right but it is just not the same and you wonder along with Charlotte where her heart will ultimately direct her to go.

I love how Ms. Freed takes us deep inside Charlotte's mind, analyzing every agonizing thought in a very personal and honest way. We see Charlotte at her worst as she thoughtfully struggles with forgiveness, faith, and the meaning of life in her redemptive attempt to be a good person and do the right thing.

Redeem Me continues the amazing emotional journey as you laugh and cry with Charlotte and hope she’s making the right choice, even as she continues to second guess herself. Can she fully reconcile her love for Jason to find true happiness with Noble? I don’t know. But I’m dying to find out!!! Luckily, we only have to wait another month for Save Me, the conclusion to the Lost Souls Series, and I can’t wait!

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