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New York Times Bestseller • Winner of the 2015 WOMEN'S WAY Book Prize • Goodreads Best of 2014 Semi-Finalist • Books for a Better Life Award Finalist • Lambda Literary Award Finalist • Time Magazine “30 Most Influential People on the Internet” • American Library Association Stonewall Honor Book

In her profound and courageous New York Times bestseller, Janet Mock establishes herself as a resounding and inspirational voice for the transgender community—and anyone fighting to define themselves on their own terms.

With unflinching honesty and moving prose, Janet Mock relays her experiences of growing up young, multiracial, poor, and trans in America, offering readers accessible language while imparting vital insight about the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of a marginalized and misunderstood population. Though undoubtedly an account of one woman’s quest for self at all costs, Redefining Realness is a powerful vision of possibility and self-realization, pushing us all toward greater acceptance of one another—and of ourselves—showing as never before how to be unapologetic and real.

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February 4
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Customer Reviews

billybum ,

Couldn’t put it down

Through her own story, Janet is telling the story of many who have taken the journey to wholeness. This book is the culmination of introspection, but is not grandiose or self-serving in its delivery. It is intimate and informative. As Janet’s eyes open to the world, as she experiences abuse and isolation, as she moves into womanhood, you are at her side. Sometimes with your eyes closed, sometimes holding your breath. Janet makes a large contribution to what it means as individuals to own our lives and our stories by courageously sharing her triumphs as well as the burden of decisions she made to survive. Her brutally honest and tenderly soft portrayal of the people (my fave Wendi) and events that shaped her provide a lens in which the reader can learn to frame their own story and find direction towards their own sense of wholeness.

christuttledotcom ,

Thoughtful, inspiring, powerful... Janet Mock's RedefiningRealness is EVERYTHING!

I first learned of Janet Mock via Twitter and was immediately drawn to her ability to discuss incredibly complex and personal issues with ease and elegance. If you are equally in awe of Janet's tweets... just wait until you read her book!

From gender to race, sexual orientation to sex, and identity to disclosure; Janet shares thoughts on a myriad of topics as we follow along her personal journey to womanhood.

As a cisgender queer male, I found myself both relating to aspects of Janet's journey and questioning my own assumptions about others experiences. But most importantly, to me, was how Redefining Realness has inspired me to be more authentic.

Thank you, Janet, for sharing your stories and your strength. You are an inspiration for us all.

LaurenD. ,

You will see yourself in Janet’s story

This book was unbelievably eye opening and inspiring. I’m a cis woman of color, and I wanted to read this book to learn more about the trans experience, something I don’t have any personal experience with. Janet’s story reveals so many parallels not just to my own experience as a woman of color, but to the experiences of people from ALL different backgrounds: anyone who has been bullied or teased for being different; anyone who has been physically or verbally abused; anyone who has felt abandoned, alone, or rejected; anyone who grew up around addicts; and the list could go on. I don’t think I ever laughed while I was reading this book, but I cried, got angry, felt inspired, and learned and highlighted a TON. Janet is an incredible writer and storyteller, and I’m so glad that she found the courage to share her story with the world.

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