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From bestselling author Stephanie St. Klaire comes the breathtaking conclusion to this thrilling 5-star series, McKenzie Ridge. In this final installment, reader favorite Blake Cooper faces his toughest challenge, Jessie Clarke. There's only one problem - they don't know what they're up against until it's right in front of them. All FIVE standalone books are available now!

Sometimes you have to face your past to overcome it - even when it's dangerous...

Underneath her foul mouth and tough exterior, firefighter Jessie Clarke is hiding something...

A secret that could not only endanger her but destroy all those she loves in the small mountain town she calls home.

She  has worked hard for nearly a decade to overcome the trauma of her past, rising above the ashes to become a strong, and independent woman.

Blake Cooper, sexy police chief of McKenzie Ridge, is the perfect combination of rugged and good looks but he has secrets of his own. Secrets that could bring the strongest man to his knees.

As a man of honor, he is dedicated to protect and serve the people in his town, even when he's forced to overstep boundaries that could come back to haunt him.

Sparks fly when Jessie and Blake's love-hate relationship comes to a screeching halt and they're forced to work together in order to stay alive. When the double edged sword of their pasts catches up with them, will he be able to keep her safe?

The secrets between them fuel the fire that's closing in, igniting a blaze that could consume not only them, but burn McKenzie Ridge to the ground.

December 15
Stephanie St. Klaire
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PhilliesPhanantic ,

Love!!!! (Megan Kramer)

Loved this book! Blake and Jessie are my favorite book pair. McKenzie Ridge was a nonstop adventure from day one. Sad to see it end, but will revisit soon. This story was so action packed. Couldn’t put it down. SSK really nailed it with these books.

threers ,

Amazing rollercoaster ride of romance and suspense

WOWZERS!!!!! I can't remember the last time I read such an emotional roller coaster. The first couple of chapters I laughed so hard I was crying. Water was streaming. Tears of laughter turned to tears of sadness. I would have labeled Redemption an Ugly cry if it hadn't been for the author's ability to weave humor within the story. I still was able to giggle. I still had amazing "feel good" moments. As I read, I finally, (yes I have been dying to know), what had happened to Jessie. It wasn't BAM here you go. No, the author was able to slowly leak information creating addiction to the story stronger than my addiction to chocolate (I have two drawers full of chocolate). My heart wept for her character. Her personality makes so much sense. And just in case you weren't crying enough, Blake shares his story with Jessie. The group of characters is so strong that they find away to survive anything. It didn't matter that the town was endanger. It didn't matter that they were threatened. They would unite to protect Jessie from her past. Just when I thought life would settle---major explosive twist. Gotta a say I didn't see that ending coming. The words coming from my mouth make Jessie look like a nun.

tcsbl5 ,

Explosive conclusion!

Redemption by Stephanie St. Klaire

Wow! This story has dark moments and moments of joy...can you imagine 4 babies born on the same day to three different friends???

Anyway, Jessie has a scarred past, filled with a traumatic event from 10 years earlier. Blake, too, has had a traumatic past from an event several years ago as well. No one truly knows the pain these two people have endured. That has kept them from letting others really get to know them. And Blake and Jessie have apparently been antagonizing each other for years. Unfortunately,I haven’t read the previous 4 stories in this series. Now I want to!

This book had me on the edge of my seat for much of it. There are some major plot twists and unexpected turns. I’m not going to give away any spoilers here. I will say that the way the people of Makenzie Ridge pull together to help each other is a thing of beauty! Thank you, Ms. St. Klaire, for an amazing story and for sharing your gift with each of your readers. Wow! Just Wow!

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