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Redemption is the story of a man named John Jacobi, who readers first meet as he enjoys the simple pleasures of life as an elderly retired resident of Charleston, South Carolina. The highlight of John's daily routine is his morning visit to his favorite park bench, where he feeds the resident birds and simply watches as life passes him by, barely taking notice of his presence. But when he develops an unexpected friendship with another regular at the park and begins to share stories about the past, old heartaches resurface.

Long having been alienated from his children, John unburdens his mistakes and regrets onto his new friend, Anthony, after he realizes that the two might have similar personal histories. But while John wallows in what he sees as a hopeless situation, Anthony's own story of redemption gives him the hope that reconciliation and forgiveness with his children might just be possible.

Following Anthony's advice, John first reconnects with Marcus, his gay son who he is guilty of not properly supporting. Marcus's professional work with troubled youth has recently brought up memories from his own childhood, which he hopes that resuming his relationship with his father can finally put to rest. But then his other siblings, a brother named John Junior and a sister named Nikki, arrive in town to confront their newly remorseful Old Man, and the entire family must call up the ghosts of the past if they are going to have any kind of a future together.

Another story of family and friendship from the author of Your Loving Son, Andrew, this wise and humane novel leads readers down the road to reconciliation with our past selves and those we might have hurt along the way.

Fiction & Literature
May 21
Michael L. Tyler
Ingram DV LLC

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