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Re-VoluZion – Volume 2 of the EvoluZion Military zombie series
Jag Streetrr’s team of State-Sponsored Assassins continues its ill-fated mission to put down a zombie uprising that has wiped out three previous elite SSA units sent to do the job. Streetrr has already lost some of his best troopers to zombies that have evolved new fighting tactics, including the use of high-tech weaponry.
Worse yet, he’ll have to lead his decimated team with one hand tied behind his back — literally. One of his own stabbed him through the forearm as Streetrr fought for his life against one very combat-savvy zombie.
But that’s not the worst of it.
His open wound exposes Streetrr to the zombie virus, and the team loses faith in his ability to lead. His own SSA policy dictates that the team must summarily execute anybody who shows symptoms of the Z-virus — even the commanding officer. Short on water, ammunition, and confidence in their leader, the troopers mutiny, and Streetrr will have to play every leadership card he owns to regain his command and save his own life.
Every one of Streetrr’s leadership instincts comes into play when the SSA team lies in the open as a swarm of zombies stampede toward them. With no chance of escape, Streetrr realizes he’s on the very brink of failing in his military mission as well as his personal quest to avenge the death of one woman he loved even as he tries to save the life of another woman he’s falling in love with, the scientist at his side, Rykkr Jonnss.
Jonnss has collected data that may well point to a cure for the zombie virus. But they all risk leaving the data, their loves, and their lives on a final killing ground.

Fiction & Literature
January 15
Riverdale Avenue Books
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