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When one has a purpose in life, he shall find the means to achieve it and will not lose time to dream. It requires determination. God is the only who knows the destiny of each individual, and we are very grateful to Him for creating me with a black skin, and having filled me with His Spirit of truth and judgement to avoid doubt and fear, which are the basis of all the troubles. This Spirit has lived throughout our research and training in general. That life has no draft. Our research was painful because it is comparable to the pilgrimage of Jews on their way to the Promised Land. The rains that fell on me are similar to the deluge. Without realising it, the distance I travelled across countries in search of knowledge before writing this book can be compared to a world tour on foot.

Writing a book is always the work of many hands and minds besides that of the authors. This book is dedicated to the Lord God, the Almighty source of all life. Special thanks to my lovely wife and children for their amazing contributions to make part of the hidden worlds visible to everyone.

Thanks to the brothers and sisters in the Lord for their prayers, to friends, and to the extended family, near and far, for their valuable contributions to make the hidden worlds possible.

Special thanks to Hannah Cordle, Ray Russell, Miles Cole, Sam Pochen, Wanza Maya, and Dr Milwood PhD., who have given me valuable suggestions throughout my book.

In particular, thanks to the Kongolese diaspora interviewed and authors for their copyrights.

To my uncles, it is time for me to say a big thank you.

To my parents, with regret, Marie Pady and Simon Ngangoma, who sowed joy but are not alive to reap the harvest. May their souls rest in eternal peace!

Vibrant tribute to all Kongolese heroes who died and continue to die for the nation: in memory of so many years we shared together in Kongo, we love and miss them deeply and will carry their spirit with us until the time we meet again.

November 30
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