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Leonie Hastur has a high degree of laran, the telepathic power of the Comyn caste, and wants to be Keeper of Arilinn Tower, which will give her as much power as her twin brother Lorill, Heir to Hastur. But she has a premonition that something strange and disturbing will come from the sky and change their world forever. She's correct.

Ysaye Barnett loves life on shipboard and would happily stay right there, with her beloved computers, forever. Her best friend Elizabeth Mackintosh, a musician and anthropologist, and her fiance, linguist David Lorne, want to marry and have children, which means they need a planet they can settle on and make their lives' work. They are very excited about the new planet, especially when they realize that it's a lost Terran colony.

As five young lives and their very different cultures meet, all of them will be changed by the encounter.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 27
Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

balcmusic ,

Abrupt and disjointed

It’s like two authors who never met decided to make a book and then never spoke about the plot again. You can easily tell Mercedes Lackeys writing is choppy and unimaginative compared to MZB. Yes, this book is important only for the terrans rediscovering Cottman V, but beyond that brief contact, it was unimaginative how it happened and a little disappointing that such an auspicious occasion as rediscovery could be so thrown away. Yes, I’ve read every book in the entire series, twice, and this is always disappointing to rediscover.

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