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This ebook bundle contains the novels Grif, Red and Magnus. Each of these stories is also available as a separate ebook.


Grif is the eldest of five brothers and the Alpha of one of the most influential shifter Clans in North America. He seeks solace in the mountains after the violent death of the Matriarch of his Clan, his mother.

Lindsey Tate is human, but aware of the werewolf Pack that lives near her grandfather's old cabin. She's come to right a wrong her grandfather committed against the Pack and salvage what's left of her family's honor - if the wolves will let her. Mostly, they seem intent on running her out of town on a rail.

But the golden haired stranger, Grif, comes to her rescue more than once. He stands up to the wolf Pack and helps her fix up the cabin, making it habitable while she completes her task. He's friendly and all too attractive, but she has a job to do, regardless of the cost to herself or her budding relationship with the local handyman.

When she performs the ancient ceremony she expects will end in her death, the shifter deity has other ideas and turns the tables on them all. Grif's true nature is revealed and Lindsey learns there is much more going on than she thought.

Thrown together by fate, neither of them can deny the deep and true attraction between them. They come together, but in the end will an old enemy rip them apart?

Be warned: Cats are frisky and they get up to all sorts of naughtiness, including a frenzy-induced multi-partner situation that might be a little intense for some readers. You have been warned.


A water nymph and a werecougar meet in a bar fight… No joke.

Steve Redstone agrees to keep an eye on his friend's little sister while she's partying in Las Vegas. He's happy to do the favor for an old Army buddy. What he doesn't expect is the wild woman who heats his blood and attracts too much attention from Others in the area.

Steve ends up defending her honor, breaking his cover and seducing the woman all within hours of meeting her, but he's helpless to resist her. She is his mate and that startling fact is going to open up a whole can of worms with her, her brother and the rest of the Redstone Clan.

Trisha’s had to hide her special abilities most of her life, but with her brother’s Army buddy – the guy they call Red – she’s finally free to be herself. While an unknown enemy keeps trying to abduct her, Red is her safe port in the storm. But can such dangerous beginnings lead to a life-long love?


A tortured vampire, a lonely shifter, and a deadly power struggle of supernatural proportions…

Magnus Redstone is the quiet brother. The one who keeps to himself. But he has good reason for his loner status. Two years ago, he met a woman. Not just any woman. This woman made his inner cougar purr, even when he was in human form. And that meant something very serious among shifters. Too bad the lady had fangs.

Mag discovers Miranda being held captive in a cage of silver that burns. She’s been tortured. Mag frees her and takes her home, nursing her back to health and defying all convention to keep her with him. He doesn’t ever want to let her go again, but he knows their love is forbidden.

When a vampire uprising threatens, Mag and Miranda are caught in the middle. More than just their necks are on the line when a group of vampires seek to kill them and overthrow the current Master vampire of the area. Will they prevail against all odds, and can they stay together forever? Or will the daylight - and their two very different worlds - tear them apart again?

* Look for the other books in this series, available now in ebook and print.

The Tales of the Were includes:
Main series: Lords of the Were, Inferno
The Others: Rocky, Slade
Redstone Clan: Grif, Red, Magnus, Bobcat and Matt.

The Brotherhood of Blood series is related, and includes:
Vamps: One & Only, Rare Vintage, Phantom Desires, Sweeter Than Wine, & Forever Valentine.
Wolves: Wolf Hills, Wolf Quest

January 1
Bianca D'Arc
Draft2Digital, LLC

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