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Reef Fish Identification – Florida Caribbean Bahamas enhanced ebook includes 688 species documented in more than 1200 color underwater photographs. This enhanced ebook features 201 additional photos and 5 more species than the printed version. Pages of thumbnail photos show all species included in a chapter. Thumbnail photos are also included at the beginning of each family section introducing the individual species. Each species is presented on a single page with a photo gallery including multiple photos and a drawing showing identification marks. Photos can be expanded to fill the screen.The easy to use quick-reference format is the most comprehensive and beautiful visual ID reference published for the region. Information on each species includes common, scientific and family names, descriptions, habitat and behavior, abundance/distribution and reaction to divers.

Science & Nature
March 8
New World Publications
New World Publications

Customer Reviews

sonicf2 ,

exceptional reference

I have had the hard copy of this book for years along with most of the others in the series. They are exceptional references. I was fortunate to take a course and dive with Ned and Anna DeLoach some years back. So I really appreciate the book series. The iBook adaptation is amazing. Pictures are vivid and the navigation is very well done. Way better than paging thru a digitized pdf. Plus it will let me shed a couple pounds from my dive bag.

RatingstuffoniTunes ,

Great book

I used this on my dive trip to Bonaire, I probably saw half the fish in this book on the first dive. It is great to have the digital version, rather than carry the books around with me. The digital navigation is intuitive and helps to click around to find the fish you are looking for. I'll also get the other ones (creatures and coral) when they come out digitally.

wideangl ,

Reef Fish Identification - Florida Caribbean Bahamas

This book is an underwater home run! We travel a lot (most divers do, duh) and carrying a laptop was required after the books were made available electronically. Then the iPad versions came out, but were still clunky.

This version is the best to date. It works much more intuitively, fish seem easier to find and the photos and descriptions are fast and beautiful.The iPad/iBooks format is now our choice for display. I like our paper versions but they are impractical to haul internationally. This version is close enough to the paper so it isn’t a chore to use.

Previous electronic versions were OK but this one puts both of them in the shade. If the other books are made available in the iBooks format, I’ll spring for them. Especially the Pacific books (hint, hint).

If you buy this version you’ll be glad you did.