Reenacting the Way (Of Jesus‪)‬

How Can You Follow Jesus When You Don't Know What He Was Doing?

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How can you follow Jesus when you don't know what he was doing? Jesus’ actions were making culturally relevant statements to his contemporaries. We can do the same today. Grab the book, some friends, and Reenact the Way (of Jesus).

Endless books have been written about the teachings of Jesus. The topics have been categorized and the principles applied to one generation after the next. Fewer books have set out to explain his actions. That is what Reenacting the Way does. We figure out the meaning of Jesus’ most mysterious actions in the Gospels. Then we take action ourselves.

We all know the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” However, not many of us understand what Jesus’ more mysterious actions were trying to say. For example, why did Jesus cast demons into pigs that ran down a hill and drowned themselves in the Sea of Galilee? Why did Jesus miraculously turn water into wine to keep the wedding party going in Cana? Why did Jesus walk out on the water with the intent to “pass by” as his disciples struggled? 

Reenacting the Way answers each one of these questions and more. The book goes beyond his sayings and answers tough questions about his doings. In the end, the reader finds that Jesus’ nearly inexplicable actions were making culturally relevant statements to his contemporaries. Those ancient trajectories give us direction to go beyond religiosity to the discerning creation of a new kind of culture that Jesus showed us how to make. It leads us to the purposes behind Jesus' way.

    Religion & Spirituality
    November 28
    RtW Publishers
    Paul Timothy Penley

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    ahood4000 ,

    Phenomenal Teaching on Understanding Jesus

    Phenomenal book. Helping me re-interpret the Jesus I thought I knew. Paul's teaching takes us into the stories and meaning behind so much of Jesus Mission.