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Where passion, reality, and destiny combine.
Dale Wincott is a 27-year-old woman born into Bostonian wealth and groomed to marry into the social hierarchy. Her mother is a hard-hearted society matriarch, but her father feels for his daughter and helps Dale find a life on her own as a furniture restorer.
Françoise Marie Aurélie de Villerey is a 28-year-old Countess, born into the French aristocracy and forced to marry a count much older than herself. For ten years, she was his trophy wife, forced to endure his perverted desires, until the day he finally died. He had broken her emotionally and she no longer cared for what life had to offer, slipping from one sexual partner to another as often as she changed her clothes.
Until... that one night when Françoise looked up during a sexual encounter and saw Dale watching her from the mirror. A veritable angel, full of innocence and curiosity, who touched her very soul.
Through the mirror, Françoise embraces life anew, while for Dale it is a powerful awakening, forcing her to discover not only her sensual nature, but the inner strength she possesses.

Fiction & Literature
January 12
Affinity Ebook Press NZ Ltd
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Uganga ,

A love story from start to finish

From the first chapter to the last this an exciting
Beautiful, passionate love story. Only a woman
Who knows the heart and mind of another woman can write such a beautiful, passionate
Love story. Love, excitement, adventure, and suspense add to this tale. Add a little history and you have a very, very good read. You will épée the to finish this in one reading, but you will also want it to go on and on. I only ask the author can we have a part 2 one day? Nice👍

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