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1. BRING FORWARD THE PROBLEM With the rapid development of China's economy and continuous deepening of reform in science & technology system and education system in colleges, rapid development is accomplished in scientific research work in colleges, which has become one of the three bodies in China's innovation system and it is playing a more and more important role in the development of science & technology, economy and society in China. As the treasure house of knowledge and talents, college is not only the cradle for training talents, but also the important base for nurturing new thoughts, new theories, new technologies and new techniques. In other words, it is impossible to run a first-level college if there is no high-level scientific research in special areas. Scientific research level is closely related to scientific research management personnel in colleges and the scientific research management level is playing a dominant role in the development of scientific research in colleges. The ex of Defense of U.S.A, McNamara, once summed up the two reasons for the rapid development of America after the WWII, namely, the first reason lies in the rapid development and the successful promotion and application of science and technology; the second reason lies in the maturity in scientific organization and management work experiences. Scientific research management work in colleges belongs to professional management work for activities such as scientific research and promotion of science and technology, etc, in colleges, which are composed of making plans for the development of scientific research, scientific analysis of scientific research activities, establishment of operating system and management measures in favor of scientific research activities, and reasonable and efficient management on scientific research personnel and scientific research expenditure in order to accomplish scientific research mission at the optimized level; at the same time, scientific research management personnel should instruct scientific research personnel in aspects including release of information, scientific research trend, evaluation on scientific research power and comparison of scientific research power among colleges, by which it will effectively guarantee the scientific research activities for them. Therefore, it is necessary for colleges to possess one scientific research management team of high quality in addition to have one high-level scientific research team. Well-trained and aggressive scientific research management team is the prerequisite for scientific research management to give full play to its management efficiency, which is also the key guarantee to continuously improve scientific research level.

December 1
Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture
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