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Reflections on Love and Truth is a collection of 52 short texts founded in contemporary Quaker thought yet embracing the whole world of faith and inspiration. In keeping with the style of Quaker messages, the texts are brief and personal. They are each paired with powerful spirit-filled images by three very complementary visual artists who respond to, amplify and translate the underlying themes of the messages.

The ideas presented here relate both to the role of humans in the grand scheme of the universe, and to the concrete guidelines of a long line of teacher-avatars about how we are to live our lives and treat one another. It is assumed here that we are "spirit beings immersed in a human experience," and also human beings who are "made for the transcendent" and for community based on compassion and sharing.


"Reflections on Love and Truth" is a work of art. Spiritually it brings the great Quaker truths to us in such a way that we are all imbued with their quintessential ring of reality. The text is deepened by works of art chosen for each inspired message. Each is gorgeous and original, a collection worthy of a major museum. I would carry this beautiful book of prayers, poems and messages with me everywhere! (Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist, Author, Founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution)

Each week, choose one of the inspired 52 essays written so perfectly in the simple language of the Quaker tradition -- you will light up your path to a spirit-guided life of inner and outer calm. (Tom Zender, Business Executive, Professional Mentor, Bestselling Author, President Emeritus of Unity)

The images, poems and prayers in this book are a tapestry of art and wisdom woven with themes of truth and love that are universal, personal and timeless. Stephen’s reflections are a light illuminating the way toward more peace, greater unity and wholeness in our world. (Sister Judith Cauley, Educational Leader, The Congregation of St. Joseph)

Quaker worship, particularly the west-coast version, means improvisation, originality, an almost music about how to follow the breath, and sometimes, simply fun in motion. This is what strikes me the most about this book: it’s so creative, open to the Spirit entering our lives, and not only through words or silence. It offers wonderful meditations through vivid art objects produced by and integrated into a remarkable book of openings to the Divine Spirit. (Stanford J. Searl, Jr., Poet, Author of "The Meanings of Silence in Quaker Worship" and "Quaker Poems: The Heart Opened," among others)

Religion & Spirituality
December 9
HeavenEverywhere Media
Stephen Pope

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This is an inspiring collection of texts and images; uplifting and very appropriate to the season and state of the world.

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