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Quickly Transform Your Stress Into Peace

What if a few new habits could consistently bring peace to your day? What if you could overcome anxiety and stress and be able to make decisions and take action quickly? Imagine if you could stop the mental chatter… or even better… turn it into opportunities!

Virginia is a life coach who provides hope for others around the world. Through the author's personal journey, she has collected a set of tools, habits and skills from professionals that have changed the way in which she handles life.

Virginia's work with NLP, the technique reframing is based on, plus her diligent pursuit for personal freedom and has yielded her a life almost free from anxiety and doubt. By pulling all the components together under one title, Reframe Your Viewpoints, Virginia offers you one-stop shopping.

In this book, you'll learn:
How to handle stress like Tony RobbinsHow to transform doubts into positive energyHow to clear away mental chatter to produce clarityHow to manage stress and tension to restore balance and improve sleepHow theories and strategies are used to cognitively handle stressHow to gain control over run-away worriesWhat possibly causes your stressHow to use the power of habit formationHow Dr. Joe Dispenza (neuroscientist) and Buddist Thich Nhat Hanh use habits to create change—click on hot-linked URL'sHow to harness your skills to bring resolutionHow to work with the proven and professionally-accepted Reframing techniqueWhat strategies support reframing and those that stand alone as effective calming toolsHow feeling scared provokes the same physical sensations as being excited (increased heart rate, increased breathing, muscle tension, watery eyes)—shift your mindset to one of excitement (the physical sensations remain unchanged) but the level of fear is reduced.BONUS material available for download in the Supplemental Information PacketBONUS: Reframing Exercises and a Refillable Reframing Template for practice
Reframe Your Viewpoints recognizes the individuality of each reader. Get this holistic blueprint for a comprehensive life change and harness your stress into opportunity!

Pick up your copy NOW—> bring peace to your life—> end your turmoil and doubts.

July 29
Life Changes Publishing House
Draft2Digital, LLC

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