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There is no safe place in the world anymore, especially for women. For several decades, the birth rate of females has been declining. Militants, the government, and private citizens alike will do anything to find young women and force them into unthinkable arrangements.

Against the darkness of this world stand The Wanderers—a secret society born to provide sanctuary for anyone who believes in free will and democratic notions. Their numbers are growing and their citizens live in safe, hidden compounds.

Ever since Ariel joined The Wanderers three months ago, she’s been battling the belief from everyone in the compound that she’s too young to enter into a relationship. She’s well-aware who started this rumor and continues to perpetuate it. Stuart. The man is infuriating, and she’s so done with him meddling in her life. No matter how gorgeous he is.

Most of the men won’t come near her. Thank goodness two men have chosen to ignore the idle threats from the surly Stuart and have been courting her. Kester and Tarin have helped her transition to life underground like the gentleman they are.

Stuart is a stubborn mule. He lives under the premise that he intends to keep Ariel at arm’s length, but no one else can have her either. Too bad for him Ariel isn’t mousy, and her life experience makes her far more mature than he gives her credit for. She’s ready to take her relationships to the next level. Stuart can either get on board or take a hike.

Life in this new world isn’t easy. They face danger every day. People die. It’s time for Stuart to face his past and decide if it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

November 16
Becca Jamesone Publishing
Becca Jameson

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Miche426 ,

Wonderfully written Suspenseful romantic sci fi

Ariel joined the wonderers three months ago with her sister Layla
When they were on the run after their parents were killed. Ariel and Layla’s parents had told them to go find Julie who is someone they could trust. After they we’re taken to sanctuary and we’re safe, Layla, Ariels sister became involved in a polygamist relationship with four men. Here in sanctuary women are treated equally with the men, but outside in the world women are sought after because their are so few. They are captured, sold, raped and used to bear children. Ariel and Layla are much safer now. Ariel likes and is infuriated with Stuart who drove them to sanctuary when they were found by one of the wonderers. Stuart claims Ariel is Too Young for a relationship with him and he chases away anyone who looks interested in Ariel. Well Ariel is beautiful and every male in the wonderers camp is interested. But Most men stay away except for Stuart’s roommate Kester and then there is Tarin who likes Ariel also. This is the Very
Basic Beginning to a Wonderfully Suspenseful Romantic Sci-Fi Story
That I could not put down. I absolutely love this story and can’t wait for more in the series.....

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