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Dresden fire bombers—Rolf Krieger holds Willem, his son, in his arms as he dies—his family suffocates in the inferno. 
In 1950 Australia, Rolf starts a new life. But the war will not go away, Dresden, nightmares, Germany, deserters, killing fields, dead bodies, military hospitals, and refugee centres, fill his mind.
He faces prejudice and his war wounds from Tobruk cause pain. He uses his carpenter's skills to find a job with Bill Kelly. They become friends.
He is soon in a passionate love affair with Bill's sister, Elaine, a war widow with two children.
He finds happiness until events from the war catch up with him. A strange man seeks out Rolf because the man's rich relative lost his money and he thinks Rolf stole it and wants to kill him.
Rolf and Bill's friendship is affected when they discover they were on opposing sides at Tobruk.
Prize-winning author Reece Pocock has written an authoritative and dynamic story of war and peace that history readers will love.

Review by Aimee Ann – Red Header Book Reviewer
Refugee is a moving, stunning piece of literature that enthralled, entertained and enchanted me from the very first page! Everything about this contemporary piece of fiction was exciting; the characters, as well as the beautiful setting of settings the reader gets to experience and the incredible literature courtesy of the wonderful Reece Pocock, made me fall madly in love with this book.

Review by Rosemary Okoko
The author introduces the well-developed characters with a detailed background of their lives. What I liked most about this book was that as I read it, I got so engrossed in it that I felt like I was actually a silent character who was following the protagonist everywhere. I empathized with him and felt his pain.

Reviewer, Boris of Adelaide.
Reece Pocock has written an authoritative and intimate story of two families brought together by war and peace. In the process, he creates a fine study of how ordinary people are swept along by political and military events over which they have no control, but which continue to colour their daily lives.

May 17
Reece Pocock
Draft2Digital, LLC

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