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“A new type of gay novel. A gripping action story intertwined with an unfolding romance between two gay men, living in fear of discovery under an oppressive Nazi regime that controls Europe in the 1980s. Highly recommended.”


“A frighteningly realistic depiction of what could have been, seen through the eyes of two men who fall in love.”


“The book has particular relevance to current world events, and the potential consequences that the resurgence of the far right might have for gay people.”


“An important alternative history novel. A must read for LGBTQ+ people. Five stars.”


It is four decades since the Allies lost World War II. Life in Britain now known as Region 6 is harsh for most, but many have thrived, perceiving the Nazi regime as a decisive government that has brought peace and prosperity to a continent. They view the resistance as terrorists.


Thomas is born into a working-class family tainted by distant Jewish heritage. After witnessing his parents brutal murder and facing a lifetime of low-paid factory work, he joins the resistance movement. Brave, and a natural leader, he is rapidly promoted, eventually gaining a seat on the British Liberation Army Council.


Stephen has led a privileged life. Born into a wealthy family, he has enjoyed the fruits of National Socialism. After graduating from Cambridge, he joins the Gestapo and is placed undercover to spy on Thomas.


Confronted with the truth of the Holocaust and the horrors perpetrated by the regime, Stephen is forced to choose between everything in which he has been brought up to believe or play a key role in an audacious attempt to overthrow the government, and choose love over duty.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 15
Troubador Publishing Ltd

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