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'The priests want me to thank God, but the only thing I pray for is death.'

There is nothing before Eden. Just flashes of a time before Danielle woke up in chains, in hell, to be violated and broken.

Over, and over, and over.

They say that God honors those who serve, that each baptism is a gift, but all Danielle wants is to die.

Eden has other plans.

May 15
Jennifer Bene
Jennifer Bene

Customer Reviews

Voelker91 ,


Do I love that I hated this book or hate that I loved this book? That is the best complement I can think to describe how I feel about this book at this moment. I first read this as a short story as part of the Twisted Scrament Anthology and gave it 5 stars. After giving that version the highest rating available, I'm at a total loss to let anyone know how much better this version is than its predecessor. I absolutely loved how this book confused me and dragged me (sometimes kicking and screaming) into the darkness! Read Ms. Bene's warning about the lack of a HEA, then read this book; if you dare.

beach1946 ,

A very interesting book

This is a hard review for me to write. I know I read the book which is very very dark and it is hard for me to put in words what I read. It is a well written book. It is almost as thou Danielle made all this up in her mind.

MaddieE72 ,

Taboo, dark and amazing

This book was something else. It was so vile, twisted, taboo, intense, dark, made me want to vomit and so dang good. I could not stop reading it. You know it's like when you see an accident on the freeway and you stop or slow down to watch it? That's what this book does to you. This extremely talented, imaginative author is not only one of my favorite authors, she is also one of my go to authors. I know that if I'm reading one of her books, I will get hooked and addicted! There are triggers and if you're bothered by them you might not want to read this book but, then again if you're crazy like me, you'll read it anyway. Lol.

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