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From a brutal, magical world comes a blistering-hot fantasy romance series featuring possessive alphas and the women they will not let go of. Plunge into this “must-read” epic world and prepare for addiction.


Resisting his mind games won’t be easy—he will try to corrupt, dominate, and ruin her.


When the handsome and charming King Malloron captures Amara in his castle, she is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her team.


Known for his depravity and deceptions, the king is the biggest threat to omegas in the known Lands, and Amara must discover his secrets to have a chance to survive.


But when he forces a degrading deal with her, an agreement that allows him to take his pleasure as he chooses, something primal ignites between them she cannot ignore.

Amara works against him, determined to fight the carnal hold he has over her.

But her fiery insults only serve to intrigue him. And the way he dominates her captivates something deep within that she never knew existed.

With each encounter, she begins to unravel and much to her surprise… so does he.


Enter the dark and carnal world of Zoey Ellis’ Myth of Omega. For fans of faithful alpha anti-heroes and captive romances. Cliffhanger included however this series is complete. Includes romance and situations of a dark nature.

July 19
Zoey Ellis
Zoey Ellis

Customer Reviews

Tweetatweet ,

You have to read this!

Daammnn! Malloran and Amara are so dang hot! I highlighted so many quotes in this text. I kind of wish I could wait until the series Is completed then I could read it all the way through. There are some intriguing plot twists. This story is way different than Drocco and Cailyns story. Amara is a fighter and refuses to let him get away with his shenanigans. I have questions galore. What is going on in the red dungeon? Will we see the Omegas again? What about Drocco and Cailyn? What is going to happen with the alpha and the gamma. I need more information on the gamma dynamic. I thought it couldn’t get any better. I WAS WRONG! I highly recommend. I did miss the alpha purr.

Latifah Ahmed ,

Beautiful ending to their story

Amazing... I’m lost of words! This series got me insane! This book was full of darkness, sadness and love. I had to stop everything to read Reign To Rule. I love the pain this series gave me, I cried, got angry and got me to adore Malloron and Amara! God, both of them were so stubborn! That’s what made this series so much sweeter to read.

I Hope who ever loves to read dark books to give this series a chance, you won’t regret it! No Cheating!

“Reign To Rule” is the 6th book in the Myth of Omega series, This book finishes up Malloron and Amara's story. Their story begins with “Reign To Ruin” (Book 4) and it ends with “Reign To Rule”(book 6).I highly recommend you read Cailyn and Drocco story, their story begins with “ crave to conquer”( book 1)and ends with “crave to claim”(book 3).

Rule To Rule ARC

AnnieBGood2525 ,

AHHH!! Over too soon! Scorching hot

I received an advanced reader copy of this book to review *minor spoilers ahead*
I loved the story of Drocco and Cailyn in the first novel and couldn't wait for King Malloron's story. Don't let his use of magic fool you into thinking he's not just as Alpha as Drocco and this book proves it! I loved the in-depth worldbuilding of the Western Lands in this book and how different it was from the 1st 3 books around Drocco. This was not necessarily a direct continuation of the 1st trilogy but it's not a standalone either. I saw one reviewer hard trouble following this on its own, and it's very hard to understand what's going on if you haven't read books 1-3. Don't judge this book unless you've read the other installments!
That being said, King Malloron is a very different alpha from Drocco. He *is* that cruel but charming alpha that you're not necessarily going to like in the beginning of the story but he has met his match with Amara. She is a more seasoned Omega operative than Cailyn was so she finds herself going toe to toe with Malloron and her skills can't match his. Her fire and devotion to her mission isn't abandoned the minute she capitulates to Malloron which I LOVED. I've read many a "reluctant mate to the Alpha" novel and within 10 pages, the heroine abandons all the toughness and grit that you were ready for! That's why the Alpha liked her to begin with!! Grrrr... I did find Malloron's character arc a little slow to wander over to the "good side" but it arrived just in time of course for the novel to end!!! But in hindsight, that's what I liked about this novel -- Malloron was set in his ways much like Drocco was and given his use of ancient magic and the fact that he had a kingdom to protect, his resistance to recognizing his own emotions was understandable. I could not believe the novel ended where it did. Zoey Ellis is a master (mistress?? :) of the cliffhanger. You KNOW a cliffhanger is coming but it still shocks you all the same as you frantically swipe to the next page (on Kindle ;)), going "oh noooo. It's OVER??"

Oh and the sex scenes are dark and very different from the ones in the previous novels, so I appreciate so much when sex scenes are inventive, original, and suit the specific characters vs. being repetitive. One scene I kept going over and over back to was where Malloron thinks Amara is interested in someone else and harshly confronts her. You'll know what I'm talking about. ;)

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