Rejected by the Immortal: a Limited Edition Vamprie Rejected Mates Collection

Morgan Meyer and Others
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    • Expected Sep 19, 2023
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Publisher Description

In the dark streets of the city, immortal vampire kings stalk the shadows. Centuries of power have built their empires, but nothing can slake their thirst for blood—or passion.

In this world vampires are cursed to spend eternity alone and passion is strictly forbidden.

A vampire's fated mate brings them new powers, but before they revel in their new power they first face even greater weakness, which only a few survive and even less are willing to try.

Rejecting their mates is a matter of business and survival.

For those few mates who are brave enough to give into the dangerous allure of a vampire mate, they will break all laws of society to be with their true loves but most immortal bloodlines are centuries deep. Is their love enough to break the curse? Only time will tell...

This limited edition vampire rejected mates collection features series starter novellas from the following authors:

Morgan Meyer
Lillith Ramsey
Mira Kane
Rhylie Matthews
Lauren Biel
Kamisa Cole
Leanna Castellanos
Yolanda Olson
C.A. Rene
Heather D. Glidewell
K. Rea
Debra Elise
Melinoe Black
Chrissie Angel
A.D. Brazeau
Ramsey Savage
TK Eldridge
Nyx Black
Lily Luchesi
J.A. Roles
Jodie A'Lores
B. Lybaek
Sarah JD
Ambrose Cross
Sabrina C Rose
Zelda Knight
Valkyrie Luna
C.E. Lashua
Vivian Murdoch
PG Forte

Grab this rejected mates collection featuring vampires and other creatures of the night before it disappears into the shadows.

September 19
Rhetoric Askew, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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