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Have The Marriage You Desire, Have The Relationship You Deserve

You can absolutely have the happy marriage, the relationship you desire, where relationship problems are few and far between, and issues are addressed with love and empathy. You can have it all by applying these 6 simple but powerful principles.

Follow the author on her own relationship transformation journey and see her resolve her own relationship issues by taking charge of her marriage.
Using personal stories, and amusing anecdotes, she takes you on a journey filled with eye-opening insights, solid principles and strategies that you can use to resolve your own relationship challenges.

Filled with unconventional relationship advice, especially for women, the author goes against the grain of most relationship books and the usual relationship advice that have frequently led to more relationship frustrations.
6 Simple Principles Encapsulating Key Relationship Advice for Struggling Couples

Here are some of what you will learn:

- Why our relationships are destined to fail given what we have been taught about relationships from well-meaning relationship advice resources.

- How to rid yourself of the wrong mindset about relationships that are just bringing you pain.
- How to develop powerful aspirations for your relationship and have them fulfilled effortlessly.

- How to create intrigue in your relationship.

- How to make your relationship into something that no one wants to leave and a magnet to your partner .

- How to be constantly seductive in an innocent manner.

- How to induce interest and intrigue in your relationship.

- How to use your best qualities to make your relationship unique and the place your spouse wants to be.

- The importance of being clear about who you are so you can get exactly what you want from your relationship.

- Why you can celebrate being taken for granted by your spouse.

- How to make what takes place outside the bedroom enhances what takes place inside the bedroom.

- How to ensure that your beauty does not fade with time.

The 6 Relationship Transforming Principles At A Glance

Principle #1
In an intimate relationship, what you reveal most about yourself will determine the interest and intrigue your partner finds in you.

Principle #2
In the absence of redeeming qualities, your faults become your identity.

Principle #3
The clarity of the image your partner has of you is directly proportional to the clarity of the image you project which is directly proportional to the clarity of the truths you hold about yourself. How you arrive at these truths depends a whole lot on how you process your past.

Principle #4
Familiarity breeds, and breeds what you want it to breed.

Principle #5
What takes place outside the bedroom does not stay outside the bedroom; neither does what happens in the bedroom stays inside the bedroom.

Principle #6
Without context the largely uncovered body is at the mercy of the eyes; with context its beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

You do not have to live with the frustrations that come from relationship problems. You can absolutely have the relationship you desire, the marriage of your dreams, and the love.

Apply these 6 principles and watch the transformation.

January 22
Peta Jane Kayes
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