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Relationship Advice: Unplanned Pregnancy: Book 3 - Counseling and Recommendations

Imagine two teenagers carelessly involved themselves in an illicit sex at school and the act suddenly results in an unplanned pregnancy. If you were in their shoes, what would you do? If you were one of the parents of diverse religious faith, how would you react to the pregnancy and to your son or daughter – the victim?

This book narrates the story of a boy – Tolu, whose pregnancy was unplanned by his parents – John and Aisha, who were in their teens. It exposes the attempted abortion, and the attitudes and wrong responses, of John and Aisha's parents who were of Muslim and Christian faiths, to the strange pregnancy, causing acute child abuse in the process. It also reveals and analyzes what transpires as Tolu begins to mature to adulthood in unfriendly environments.

Book 1: "The Story, the Pains and the Regrets surrounding an Unwanted Pregnancy narrates the story about the unplanned pregnancy".

Book 2: "The Avoidable Mistakes during Pregnancy" analyzes the story: actions and reactions, and points out the fatal mistakes made by each of the characters in the unplanned pregnancy story.

Book 3: "Counseling and Recommendations" rolls out various advice and recommendations anyone who gets directly or indirectly involved in any unplanned pregnancy must take to triumph in such unpleasant situation without harming self or others.

The wisdom in this book covers relationships, dating, pregnancy care, family life, child parenting, religious tolerance, child abuse, disability and life purpose. Ensure you read all the 3 books in this series.

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This book is a must have, for teens, adults and families.

July 5
Moses Omojola
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