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"2 Manuscripts, Ways to Improve Relationship Communication and Relationship Communication Problems Advice for Couples By Marvin Wiese"

Intimacy is a very important aspect in a love relationship. It measures where your relationship is going and it can be different in terms of degree from one relationship to another. 

In this book you'll find methods that will help make your other half feel more attractive, appreciated, excited, listened to and, most of all, loved. This book will outline how to solve intimacy problems in order to have a healthy and strong relationship you really deserve. When they feel these positive emotions, they will respond in kind, bringing back the connection that brought you two together to begin with.

Read on and you will have a better idea of how to improve intimacy in your relationship with concepts and ideas that you probably already know but you often fail to recognize. 

"Having a solid grasp on positive communication skills and how best to interpret the meaning or intentions of others is vital to interpersonal relations."

This book contains
Importance of Intimacy in a Healthy RelationshipHow to build intimacy in a RelationshipExclusively Express Your Concerns about a Certain ProblemTaking another Route for IntimacySteps to Building Greater IntimacyCreating Balance for Perfect IntimacyThe importance of showing affection in a relationshipMaking Peace with the PastWays to Effectively Become Emotionally Open in Your RelationshipSolving Intimacy Problems in a RelationshipTips for Positive Communication in a RelationshipThe Five Levels of Communication in a RelationshipHow to Express Your Own Thoughts and Emotions in a RelationshipConflict Resolution in Relationshipsand much more
Within the chapters of this book, you will discover and perhaps relate to why our society blatantly sucks at communication, a variety of tips and techniques to better understand communication and the importance it holds within your own relationship, how to hone your nonverbal and sexual communication, and much more.

The most common expression of intimate communication can be done by directly expressing your feelings by means of words or implying it through actions. The primary basis of intimacy is trust as well as the context of the relationship, not to mention the culture in which the individuals grew up in. For emphasis, intimacy may differ from one individual to another depending on conventions and the physical, cultural, and behavioral backgrounds of the individual participants. Also, it usually involves full disclosure of emotions, feelings, and thoughts between individuals in order to attain a high degree of understanding which results in a stronger foundation of mutual support. 

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February 10
Marvin L Wiese
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