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For the most part, we could do a far better job of relating to other people. This refreshing book shows you how. The ability to relate to other people is the most critical skill a person can ever have—at work, at home, or anywhere else—and strong relationship skills simply make everything else easier. “Relationship Mastery: A Business Professional’s Guide” provides a reliable route to success you can apply over and over to improve your life in every area.


Drawing on practical psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), ancient wisdom, and first-hand experience of organizational life at all levels, David Fraser, PhD, reveals his powerful, systematic formula for transforming your results with people—as used by the best in the business. Packed with real-life examples and practical, tried-and-tested steps to take, “Relationship Mastery” will help you win more business, keep your job or get a better one, connect with people quickly and easily in a lasting way, collaborate effectively, resolve disputes, handle conflict with ease, be confident and resourceful with people, and enjoy your relationships at home. Some books claim they will change your life. With this one it’s true.

In his “very positive, helpful and enlightening” and ultimately “profound” book, the author sets out the 12 essential areas of interpersonal insight and growth: (1) Attention to others, (2) Attitude, (3) Self-control, (4) Tuning in to people, (5) Personality, (6) Connection, (7) Values (8) Language, (9) Self-awareness, (10) Attention to yourself, (11) Balance, and (12) Love. The author includes with honesty a flavor of his own learning journey, and in the words of his readers, the result is “accessible and relevant,” “simply fascinating stuff,” and “very easy and interesting to read.”


“This book will cause your career to skyrocket, help you resolve more conflicts, and live a fuller and richer life in every way.” Wayne Hurlbert, business blogger and radio show host

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October 25
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