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We Dare You - Take This 33 Questions Relationship
How daring are you when it comes to your relationship? Let us see if you can muster up some courage to answer these 33 relationship questions. Because you will need some courage to do it - To see how much of a rock-star you are in your relationship; Or not.
So are you a rock star? Take the quiz and view your results, you may be surprised.
These 33 questions are meant to do just that - SURPRISE you with the answers you least expect. They are fun, but can provide some really serious insight into your role in the relationship.
So go ahead.
Answer each question. Assign a score for each. Total your score for all.
Then, the ANSWER - Are you a rock-star?

But Here Is The Really Fun Part
Now ask your spouse to do the same and compare the results together.
Now, Who is really the Rock-Star?
A Sneak Peek at Some of The Fun Questions:

- How intriguing are your covered parts? - This is definitely not only about your physical parts.
- Can you take it all off? - A question that explores not only physical but emotional nakedness.
- Are your curves treacherous? - Definitely not about your physical curves. This one will surprise you.
- Can you inspire a double-take? - This one is about things you do that will be admired over and over.
- Can you rock the boat?- About being predictable or not.
- It looks terrific but is it real? - Speaks to your sincerity and how you come across to your partner.
- Can you attract a stare? - Definitely has nothing to do with your physical beauty.
- What does loving you mean to you? - This one is pretty straight. How do you love you, all the ways.
- Would anyone want to stroll on your beach? - When you find out what is the beach here, you'll get it.
- What would your bikini reveal about you? - Ah, the bikini and what it hides.
- What are the chances you have a cover-girl body? - You do have a cover-girl body. See the evidence.
- Can your covered parts deliver what your uncovered parts promise? - No, not your physical parts.
- How confident are you in your own skin and nothing else?

So, want to know how to be the Rock-Star in your relationship? Or maybe you think you already are - Let's find out one way or the other.
Take the 33 Relationship Questions Quiz and let the fun begin.

May 7
Peta Jane Kayes
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