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Lydia Martin has always had dreams, the weirdest and hottest of them all involving a faceless, muscle-bound man that speaks like sin and smells like sex. Like any sane person, she always put the dreams down to an overactive imagination, coupled with a higher than average libido.

One night, however, instead of their usual, erotic encounters, she finds him in her dream, chained to a wall and screaming in pain. Not only that, but she thinks she recognises the building he's being held captive in as one that's just a few streets away.

Awaking with an irrepressible need to save her fantasy lover, Lydia decides to humour her dream self and head on over to where she thinks he's imprisoned.

What unfolds is beyond even her wildest imaginings, as she's sucked into a dangerous and deadly world she never knew existed ... and it turns out that the man who inhabits her darkest fantasies, isn't the only one that needs releasing.

NOTE: This is an adult paranormal fantasy novella (over 34,000 words) containing scenes of explicit sexual content and some violence, entwined with romantic elements. (Written in British English.)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 28
Bitten Fruit Books / Satin Smoke Press
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

JC Cincy Kid ,

BUCKLE UP! By Cincy Kid 68

This is truly The Eye of the Storm alright. What a fantastic start to a series I can’t wait to continue. EASILY (5) STAR WORTHY

ashiyas reviews ,

It’s alright but...

I just dont like how she has three mates and I don’t think I’m going to continue to the next books 🙄🙄

Tena From Veils Hills ,

Good writing but...

I don’t really like how all three of them are connected, I think it would have been better if the author just let Lydia have feelings with Ryan instead of Lydia having feelings with all three of the males. I liked the writing tho, the author did a great job explaining everything. I’m probably not going to read the other books in the series, because of the whole all three of them have feelings with Lydia thing. So if the series does go on with Lydia and Ryan together and the other two have their own “mates” then I’m sorry for leaving a sucky review:(. But that’s just my opinion on things with the first/this book.🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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