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Re•lent•less (ri lent/lis): an attitude or posture that is resolute, uncompromising, persistent, unyielding, constant, unstoppable, ruthless.  The opposite of slacken, waver, or concede.
If ever there was a need for followers of Jesus to be resolute in purpose, uncompromising for truth, persistent in faith, unyielding in hope, constant in love, and unstoppable in advancing the kingdom…it’s now! God is ruthless in His love and pursuit of us; it’s time for His Bride to reflect the same passion.
John Bevere explores how people of Bible times and today became relentless: John the Baptist spent years living in a barren desert. Jesus endured hardship in a desolate wilderness of temptation. Both men emerged strong in the “power of the Spirit,” relentless in not just getting through challenges but in ruling over their circumstances. Ultimately, they succeeded in their God-given life mission.
In Relentless, you’ll learn how even seemingly impossible situations were never meant to stop you but to propel you forward in your journey. Discover in these biblically grounded truths how you can thrive no matter what your season of life. 

How you begin is not nearly as important as how you finish. Embrace your trials and become relentless!

Questions for reflection and discussion included!

Religion & Spirituality
December 13
The Crown Publishing Group
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Customer Reviews

ICAN International ,

Solid as a Rock

Feeling lost, low on spiritual gasoline, or almost giving up in your wilderness experience! .....ashamed of your mediocrity and life of compromise? Wanna start a fresh and make whatever's left of your short life count in eternity?......Prayerfully read this book!...It is a GOD SENT, a GIFT to His Church IN THE LAST DAYS.

John Bevere was raised for such a time and generation as ours.His writings cut like a master surgeons knife not a slayers.This book is filled with scriptures, revelations and sound doctrinal commentary that will fill your heart with faith, hope and love.The Holy Spirit has used RELENTLESS to transform the spirit of my mind.

There were times I had to drop the book and cry out to God for forgiveness! Personally there was a whole lot of unlearning to re-learn truths shared in this book. As a Pastor in the islands of the South Pacific this book has challenged me to run my race with purpose and heart!....eyes fixed on the Prize!

You will have an ENCOUNTER with Christ, reading this book!...the power of GRACE!!! ......is AWESOME!!!...( I always have a fresh encounter with the Lord whenever I read one of John's books, and I have read a few , the fear of the Lord, Extraordinary, etc)

I use Johns books as reference or text books!...in my daily walk with the Lord!

Very relevant and absolutely practical!

This is a must read!!!!!!......

Nate1342rr ,


Fantastic book! This should be required reading for all Christians.

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