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Immortal gods trapped by an insolent boy demon!?....Now what!?

What people are saying!
...Well developed characters, outrageous conversations, thorough descriptions illustrating scenery and movements. Polite society it ain’t.
...The characters continue to engage the reader and display some shocking behavior in this fantasy. They are paramount to the comedy of the story and the reader is kept engaged with their development throughout the book....It takes a look into another world and takes the reader away from reality.
...Probably the first paranormal fantasy fiction book I have ever read which has humor in it... It provided the characters with a more humanlike quality. A more realistic quality, and each bout of humor that the characters engaged in helped to define their individual personalities.
...The dialogue given about the gods powers and how they are able to manifest things is explained to a point where it actually makes sense.....I completely recommend it to anyone interested in this particular genre.
...A.J. Aaron truly does have a remarkable eye for character and dialogue and the casual first-person voice in which the novel is written further adds to this....The plot moves at a snappy pace and is far from predictable...
...A paranormal, fantasy fiction with a little mythology and romance mixed in...As with the first book, I loved this one as well. I loved the whole god and witch aspects and how they are able to transform themselves or even conjure up elaborate feasts...I giggled with the references to the Catholic stereotypes. The author also appeals to the Shades of Grey lovers with his incorporation of that book....The ending has a wonderful twist to it I did not foresee....If you like stories about gods and witches with romance and even a little smuttiness, you will enjoy this book. I think this book would be good for any age from young adult on.
...With so many elements to the book, you remain hooked through out and end up wanting more....A good read for anyone wanting to try something new and refreshing and not being left disappointed.
...The story kept me enthralled, I read all three books in a row, and this one is definitely my favorite.
...Kept me wanting more and not wanting to put the book down.
...This book is a true masterpiece for a fantasy lover.
...Descriptions are beautiful and give the book a sense of realism ...it is expertly developed and will keep you entertained.
...A hearty parody of religion itself...weaves itself into a fairly accurate description of the modern western mind, whether or not we’re willing to admit it.

Author’s Description
Four immortal gods, capable of creating and destroying universes, are forced to be confined to their mansion by a 1000 year old, insolent boy demon named Seth. Join them as they deal with their forced imprisonment, with the unlikely influence of the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey,” while archangels, witches and other gods work with them to resolve the dilemma.
Will the demon Seth steal Sevilen’s love, Leyna of 500 years? Will they need to make a deal with Satan to solve it? Immerse yourself in the incredible story as the scenes vividly play out in your mind in the second book of the Reluctant God series.

What kind of a read will it be?
The comedic antics of the colorful characters will make you laugh while they become as familiar to you as your best friends, in this blend of fantasy, humor, mystery, and romance. Science, beliefs, and real life references will make you wonder, could this happen?
This witch and wizard series, fantasy romance is like no other you will ever read. Is it really fiction that they attained their psychic powers? Or any of their powers?

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 18
A.J. Aaron
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